Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 305 - 316 Where have I been?

If anyone is reading this blog than you might think I have given up. I have not. Yes, I have hit a bump. I have not been without a TDL for the last week plus. I have scribbled my TDL on paper and busted through. Was is the the best way to manage my day and what I needed to do. No. I got things done I needed to do but it left a lot to be desired for long term goal setting.

My question to myself was this - why have I been so resistant to post my TDL. Sit down like I have for months this year. Easy answer. I do not feel like I am hitting my goals. Which means something simple. I am doing something wrong.

Where do I go from here? Onward to success! That is where! I have managed to make my home much more chaos free. It will never be perfect and I am ok with that. I have not made a dent in my financial situation. I am not using credit cards but that debit I do have has barely moved. The ONE thing I can make sure happens this year is to lose the 30 lbs. I lost 17 - gained back 8 (major feet issues) - I still have 22 to lose. I can not go into the new year with that goal. It is my only goal from now til January 1. My ONLY GOAL!

First step: Call doctor tomorrow. I need another cortison shot for my feet.
Step 2: Turbo Fire

Every post from this day until January 1 will be about reaching my goal of losing that 22 lbs. Come hell or highy water it will be done!