Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 170: Calling Customer Service

This past week my blender broke. My blender is something I use everyday to blend my SHAKEOLOGY.
My husband was making a SHAKEOLOGY last week and the blades broke off of my Kithen Aid blender.

I am typically the kind of person who just throws a broken product away and buys a new one. Since one of my goals is to reduce my debt - I thought why purchase something if it can a part could be replaced? I had on my to do list today to call Kitchen Aid about a replacement part.

I ended up going online and doing a live chat with a customer service representative. After she got my information she said Kitchen Aid would be sending me a completely new blender! All they asked was that I send my blender back in the package my new one comes (they are sending a shipping label too) with so they can see what happened. Not a problem at all - I can do that!

I love that Kitchen Aid stood behind their product! So thank you Kitchen Aid! The next time I am in the market for another item that Kitchen Aid makes - I will remember their customer service and opt for the Kitchen Aid brand.

Lesson learned: When a product fails - call the customer service line! And from now on I am keeping receipts and dates of purchase on appliance items neatly filed away!

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