Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 251 -252: Weekend

Definitely need to plan for the week. Crazy week ahead.

Simple tdl.

-Finish braindumps. (I honestly did not finish yesterday. Migraine again!)
-Pics with Kids - C
-Spend time with the my Sister - C

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 250:

It's Friday. Keeping the TDL simple. I need to do major TDL braindump. What is a braindump you ask? Very simple. It is when you have one or more multiple projects going on and need to do a written list of everything in your head that needs to be accomplished. Too much swimming in your head causes choas, unfocused priorities and lack of progress.

Today's list is strictly priority:

  1. Facebook Post
    1. CFAWC
    2. CFABVG
    3. Titan
    4. DYS
  2. CFA WC Brain Dump
  3. St. B Brian Dump
  4. CFA B Brain Dump
  5. Titan Brain Dump
  6. TWD Sparring
  7. What's for Dinner?
  8. Fun for kids: Nephew spending the night!

Day 249

Forgot to hit post - yesterday's TDL in draft mode!

  1. Drop Golf tournament donation - C
  2. Work PWords update
  3. Send out prizes - C
  4. Park with R & Kids - C
  5. Pool with D and Kids - C
  6. TWD - C
  7. F/u with Lori - C
  8. Finish CFA B Promo Sheet
  9. Facebook Post - C

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 248: Turbo Fire!!

Whoot! Whoot! Guess what came in the mail! TURBO FIRE!! I start my new program tomorrow and will give updates on progress. Who's in? go to to order TURBO FIRE!!

If you are in  - post in the comments section - I am on FIRE!!!

Today's To Dos:

  1. CFA - Send email re: Sat. promotion - C
  2. Listen to voicemails  - C
  3. Pull and drop off stuff for golf tournament  - C (Drop in AM)
  4. Send GS - new menu updates  - C
  5. Facebook posts  - C
  6. Clean kitchen  - C
  7. Do pw list for work
  8. Work on AASF website 30 minutes  - C
  9. Write Titan TDL
  10. Work on CFA B - promo plan 30 minutes
  11. Send out any prizes
  12. Top 10 goals  - C
  13. TurboFire Video
  14. Put laundry away  - C
  15. Clean up Josie closet
  16. Create fundraiser flyer for Trinity  - C
  17. CFA - order plush cows  - C
  18. Braindump CFA
    1. Plan for swipe cards
    2. Oatmeal distribution
  19. Lucas spending the night with the kids.  - C
  20. Make Gak with kids!!   - C

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 247: Out the door and busy

Busy day.

  1. Meeting
  2. Pick up J
  3. Pick up D
  4. Stop by CFA B
  5. Dentist Apt.
  6. Pick up J2
  7. Unscheduled Dr. Apt.
  8. FB updates

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 246: Turbo Fire

I ordered Turbo Fire last week!  I cannot wait to get my delivery!! I tracked my package today and it is already at my local post office so I should have it today or tomorrow. I am hoping today! Something I discovered about me in regards to working out. I have to workout first thing in the morning or most likely it won't get done. I am 99% more likely to workout using at home workout routine than going to the gym.
I busted through CLX and had great results. Lost 15 lbs. and lots of inches. Ready to bust out Turbo Fire and drop more lbs. Each day I will post what workout I am doing with a review.

If you want to join me and do Turbo Fire go to GETTING FIT WITH JOY

Lot's to do!!!

  1. Update calendar with upcoming vacations/events/back to school
  2. Spend time on KT's party
  3. Spend 30 min. writing up CFA B promo checksheet
  4. Update facebook
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. Titan
    5. St. B
  5. CFA - Pull Laua Plans
  6. CFA - Mail prizes
  7. Buy bday gift Brady
  8. Pull info. for Jill Scott
  9. CFA - Promo Plan for Trinity
  10. CFA - pull BOG's for ABChurch
  11. Review emails
  12. Deleted 100 emails from yahoo
  13. Spend 10 min. on gmail email organizing
  14. CFA WC - Additional youtube video promo.
  15. Write top 10 goals
  16. Workout
  17. Spend 30 minutes on Titan
  18. Order St. B tickets
  19. Write email for TCOSV
  20. Create email for youtube video info.

Day 243-245 Weekend

Long weekend fun! Its summer and I am enjoying time with family in town.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 242:

Today's To Do:

  1. Facebook post - C
  2. Make pasta salad for Steves - C
  3. CFA f/u with M (soldier return)
  4. CFA Core Essentials
  5. Spend 30 minutes cleaning the master bedroom/bath - C
  6. Begin write up for CFA B - promotion checksheet
  7. CFA - send TCOSV peeps email
  8. CFA - prepare email for video offer
  9. Order Turbo Fire - C
  10. Make TF order video - C

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 241: Prioritizing To Do's with Goals

Always lots to do! Working to get back to focusing on big picture goals. It is so tough not to get pinned down with the little things day in and day out. I think I need a sign above my desk that makes me focus on the big picture. If I don't focus on the "high level goals" all I get done is the time suckers. Yes, those things need to completed but I have to prioritize.

I am:

  • Committing to writing top 10 goals every Tuesday.
  • Marking with an * if it a To Do that cooresponds to achieving those goals.
One thing I have learned so far with this process - it that it takes practice and constant effort to make the most of the TDL. Sticking with it!

What should my sign say for my desk? I need a constant reminder.

TIP: Found this great site to make your own grocery list! It is very cool. You can check off from a prepopulated list add additional items. You simply hit submit and then it populates your entire list! Very cool.

  1.  Facebook post
    1. CFA WC - C
    2. CFA B - C
    3. Titan - C
    4. St. B
    5. DYS - C
  2. Menu for Kim
  3. Write thank you note to parents
  4. Make list for grocery store - C
  5. Workout - C (ugh...what the hell! I could not find my remote so I could start my CLX and the day got away. I HAVE TO WORK OUT IN THE MORNING!)
  6. CFA Flowers - C
  7. CFA promote video - C
    1. send CP - C
    2. send OP - C
    3. CNANDE FB - C
  8. CFA WC - follow CP & OP on Twitter - C
  9. CFA - Call SS - C
  10. Send Cindy dates for fundraiser - C
  11. Drop off Flowers - C
  12. Drop off stuff for Trinity (will do in the morning) - C
  13. Call Ashleigh at CFAB - C
  14. CFA WC - send out prizes
  15. Write Thursday TDL
  16. Write top 10 goals (was supposed to do this yesterday but was out of town.) - C

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 236 - 240 Back to the Beach

My sister came into town. We all headed to the beach! Nice time with no to do list other than have fun and get some sun. Back to work tomorrow. As always lots to do. Starting the day off with a workout.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 236:

Busy day. My sister is in town from Denver, CO! Looking forward to spending the next days at the beach with her and her family! I still need my TDL.

  1. Create youtube channel for CFA video
  2. Pick up video from CFA
  3. Post video
  4. Post link on facebook
  5. Schedule date to send via email
  6. Deposit Jim's check
  7. Facebook post
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA - C
    3. Titan - C
    4. CFA B - C
  8. Finish packing and load car

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 235: make your to do list today

Summer seems to be going by at lightening fast speed! Maybe I should just get used to the fact life just does not slow down. Grocery's always need to be purchased, laundry always needs to be done, extra expenses always rear their ugly head. All you can do it go at each day systematically - making your to do list and getting it all (or as much as you can) done or as much as you can being sure to take the time to have some fun and just be.

The to do list had helped me to keep the chaos away. One of the biggest points to Chalene Johnson's plan is to weekly focus on your overarching goals. I have not been doing that at all. I think it is effecting my progress. I am going to go back and listen to her goals video on her 30 day to do challenge series.

Today's TDL:

  1. Facebook post - C
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. ST. B
    5. Titan
  2. Drop pals - C
  3. Watch CJ 30 day challenge video goals - C
  4. Watch CJ video how to videos (1, 2 & 3) - C (very good!
  5. Send email to CFAB re: promoting FB - C
  6. Braindump plan for Titan
  7. Braindump plan for CFA
  8. f/u on CFA TCOSV emails
  9. Laundry (put away) - C
  10. Beachbody (brainstorm)
  11. Call Beachbody order TurboFire - C
  12. CFA - Fu on Core Essentials - C
  13. Pay bills - C
  14. Plan to set up bill pay - C
  15. f.u with Delonte - C
& Hit the pool with the kids. Can't be all work to do's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 234: Quick TDL today.

-Physical Therepy - C
-Grocery store run - C
-Pool - C
-Drop off PAL at VBS - C
-Facebook post - C
-Home to make a braindump (lots of little things to dump from the brain and put down for future TDL) - X

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 233: Tuesday!!

  1. Youtube video shoot - C
  2. Meeting with Titan at 11 - C
  3. WFD - C
  4. Pay bills
  5. Work on CFA tdl
  6. Review week (sista is coming to town! yay!)
  7. Update calendar

Day 232:

I did end up writing my TDL last night before bed. Got up and got to it.

Monday, TDL:

  1. Facebook posts - C
  2. Email Fran re: sending email address - C
  3. Party - calculate hours, budget & my fee  - C
  4. Bank  - C
  5. Drop to St. B  - C
  6. Plan for youtube shoot
  7. Watch Chalene Video 1 & 2
  8. Read FB piece  - C
  9. Brainstorm CFA work td's
  10. Call physical therepy  - C
  11. Send DYS invoice  - C
  12. Pull prizes for CFA FB  - C
  13. Pool  - C
  14. Text Dave re: meeting Tues.  - C
  15. Order St. B tickets  - C (partial...needed a piece of info.)
  16. Find a great WW recipe  - C

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 228, 229, & 231

Wow - what a crazy end of week. Beginning Thursday until Saturday evening.

I had TDL's written each day with no time to post online. I organized a private party for a client this weekend. I was out the door early and working the written TDL I kept on a clip board kept me in check and on target! All went so smooth! It was a lot of work.

Because of a crazy Thursday - Saturday I made one TD today:

Sunday: Relatives in Town - Enjoy the day with them.

Back to exercise tomorrow. Going to make my Monday TDL in the morning. Just need a break. When I tell you I worked my butt off this weekend - I did! Need some mental downtime this evening.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 227: Driving Battle Plan

Moving right along...

Lots to do again for a private party I was hired to do this weekend.

Today have some running around. I am going to sit down and make a good battle plan.
I have wasted so much time going somewhere only to realize I should have planned a better route, done something else nearby that has to be done etc. Not today. Making a driving around to do list.

Not wasting time today!

Driving Plan:

  1. Load car with CFA Storage stuff - C
  2. Go to CC for pickup - C
  3. Head to storage (behind CC pickup) - C
  4. Drop off CFA CC stuff - C
  5. Place order at CFA for Sat. party - C
  6. Bank (make sure I have checks) - C
  7. KMart (pick up bday gift) - C
  8. Grocery store: Purchase drinks for party, order fruit tray, pick up dinner - C (partial)
  9. Liquor store: pick up party liquor
  10. Dollar Store - pick up party bags for favors, bday gift bag. - C
  11. Pick up J from play date - C
  12. Head to party in Bowie (need directions) - C
  13. While in Bowie go to party store and pick up balloons for party and CFA - C
  14. Pick up J and come home - C
  15. Take IPAD!  - C

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 226:

Busy day prepping for Saturday event.

  1. Facebook postings - C
    1. DYS- C
    2. CFA WC- C
    3. CFA Bowie- C
    4. Titan- C
    5. St. B- C
  2. Buy balloons for CFA & Party
  3. CFA - order new bag stuffers- C
  4. Make CFA tdl - braindump
  5. Party (todays priority all day!- C
    1. Meet with Mary 11:30- C
    2. This is list long...I have written it out. Just trust me!- C

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 225: Listen to your body

Late post friends. Todays TDL below and still working...

Quick update on my workouts....
I have been struggling with some serious foot issues. I finally broke down and went to the doctors today. My workouts were struggling b/c I would workout and then be in pain for a couple days. Recover...workout and repeat pain. Last week after doing step class I could barely walk by end of day. I literally crawled to bed with tears because the pain was so bad. I have a chronic case of plantar fasciitis. I am giving myself a week of not doing anything then hoping to go back to my CLX workouts. I am going to try some pilates classes in the meantime to keep the load off. New flash: Listen to your body!

  1. Doctors appointment - C
  2. Post fb - C
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA CFA
    4. TC
  3. Email for youtube video - C
  4. CFA B - contest info. - C
  5. TDL for Wed. Party TDL (in progress)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 222 - 224 Happy Birthday America!

Went to the beach for the weekend! Back home and back to the tdl. Busy week because I have an event this weeekend. Too tired to think clearly so I will make a tdl in the am!

Hope you 4th was great! Let FREEDOM Ring!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 221- Prep for the Weekend

Lots to do today.
  1. Organize laundry (I washed 4 loads - already separated by family member - need to press and put aways) - C
  2. Take car to the shop - C
  3. Drop off materials at storage - C
  4. Pick up check - to bank - C
  5. Drop invites at Agnes - C
  6. Update FB - C
  7. Prep for weekend (lots of July 4 celebrations) - C
  8. Update shower list - C
  9. PRIORITY: Call bus for CFA - C
  10. Make drs. apt. for my feet.  - C