Finance Resolutions

I have read Dave's book before. It is a great plan but just like my ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program that got dusty sitting on a shelf so did my Total Money Makeover book. The dust has been wiped away and I have reread the plan. It is time to implement!

I will be using Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover plan to achieve financial fitness in my life.  Each day through babysteps I will work to achieve my secondary resolutions.

My Finance Secondary Resolutions:

  1. Make a budget. (Really…I have attempted this many times but never followed through. Crazy, I know!) - COMPLETE but still fine tuning!!
  2. Create an emergency fund. - COMPLETE ($1000 in bank)!!!!
  3. Start debt snowball. I have $9500 in Credit Card debt. I will pay it off this year.
I know there are hundreds of babysteps under each of these three goals but I will achieve each by scheduling a TD on my TDL every day!