Home Resolutions

A bit about my home. I am definitely not a candidate for TLC "Hoarding Buried Alive" and not even Style Channels "Clean House" but I do need some help! I wish it was in my nature to be more like my Mother who always has and still does keep a beautifully neat home. I just did not inherit those genes. My sister did! I can learn and take babysteps to relieve my CHAOS (Can't Have Anybody Over Syndrome).

My secondary resolution pertaining to Home are:

  1. Keep a more organized and clutter free home by scheduling TD on my TDL everyday!
  2. Perfect my house routine and keep it out of CHAOS. (Flylady talk for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.)
Step 1: Keep Command Central Clean and organized (my desk).
Step 2: Use Flylady's basic routine to fine tune and develop my own.