About Me/Contact:

I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children (ages 6 and 3). I work part-time from home. Life is busy, not only with the day-to-day but with the extracurricular, work, and other activities we simply would like time to do.

I recently read a person who keeps a TO DO LIST (TDL) is at least 20% more productive. I figure 20% more productive + finding my time killers will make me at least 40% more productive! That’s a lot of time!

I am going into this year with a different approach. I am going to have one main resolution; to make and refer (multiple times) to a TO DO LIST every day. I believe in doing so I will be able to finally achieve those other resolutions  I vow to conquer  each New Year only to brush them aside when life gets busy or simply don’t stay focused on what it is I hope to achieve.

Who’s with me to complete the 365 Day TDL Challenge? What's the worse that can happen - we are more productive!

What are my seconday resolution I will achieve by following the 365 Day TDL Challenge!

  1. Lose 30 lbs.
  2. Schedule Gyn appointment. (I know this one seems silly. I missed my apt. over a year ago and just got “too busy” to reschedule. That is ridiculous!)  - Complete
  1. Make a budget. (Really…I have attempted this many times but never followed through. Crazy, I know!) - Complete
  2. Create an emergency fund. - $1,000  - Complete
  3. Start debt snowball. I have $9500 in Credit Card debt. I will pay it off this year.

  1. Keep a more organized and clutter free home by scheduling TD on my TDL everyday! - Ongoing
  2. Perfect my house routine and keep it out of CHAOS. (Flylady talk for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrom.)
 I have 365 days to cross the above off my list!

CONTACT ME: JoyHutter@beachbodycoach.com