Saturday, December 31, 2011

I love New Years Eve - the idea of starting fresh gets me excited! I love it! I love goal setting, I love reading about people who reach their goals, I cry when I read or watch stories about people who have a dream and achieve it,  I LOVE it!!!

So then what the hell happened to me last year?

I got a message from that my url ( was going to expire. They started emailing me a few months ago.  I was simply not ready to commit. Now, I am. I don't care who reads this blog - I now see it simply as my outlet to document my progress.

I cannot say that I fully accomplished last years goals. Well, I did have a less chaotic home by following the flylady's plan. Definitely still room for improvement but much, much better. If you have a home that needs help - I encourage you to go to and check her out.

Where I did set very specific, smart goals I succeeded. I have more social media clients and just got another inquiry today for my service! I take that as an omen for a positive, prosperous year.

Last year I set a goal to pay off a credit card. To start off I set a goal to create a budget. I did! The problem, I got so caught up in the to do list I forgot to create a SMART goal  to take me to the next step! I need goals! I need small achievable goals that create momentum!

Where do I go from here? What is my plan for 2012?  I did see a ton of improvement last year. Fact is, you will get more done with a to do list than without. On days I did not have a written to do list  I suffered!

What I can say is you have to continually set goals and focus on those goals daily and weekly. I did get caught up in the daily to do list, BUT  it's LIFE and  there is always something to do!. Let's face it - life gets busy and those to dos can take over your life until you feel like you are simply a machine crossing things off your list. I got burnt out with to much to do on the to do list!

What I have not done is lost faith in Chalene Johnson's plan to reach the goals you want to accomplish. I purchased and received her book a couple weeks ago. That is where I begin. My focus this year will be to simply follow this book and its theory of how to achieve "a bangin' and the life you deserve" word for word. I give it up to you Chalene.

Here we go. Welcome 2012. I am ready.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 305 - 316 Where have I been?

If anyone is reading this blog than you might think I have given up. I have not. Yes, I have hit a bump. I have not been without a TDL for the last week plus. I have scribbled my TDL on paper and busted through. Was is the the best way to manage my day and what I needed to do. No. I got things done I needed to do but it left a lot to be desired for long term goal setting.

My question to myself was this - why have I been so resistant to post my TDL. Sit down like I have for months this year. Easy answer. I do not feel like I am hitting my goals. Which means something simple. I am doing something wrong.

Where do I go from here? Onward to success! That is where! I have managed to make my home much more chaos free. It will never be perfect and I am ok with that. I have not made a dent in my financial situation. I am not using credit cards but that debit I do have has barely moved. The ONE thing I can make sure happens this year is to lose the 30 lbs. I lost 17 - gained back 8 (major feet issues) - I still have 22 to lose. I can not go into the new year with that goal. It is my only goal from now til January 1. My ONLY GOAL!

First step: Call doctor tomorrow. I need another cortison shot for my feet.
Step 2: Turbo Fire

Every post from this day until January 1 will be about reaching my goal of losing that 22 lbs. Come hell or highy water it will be done!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 295 - 304 What the hell?

What the hell is my problem? I cannot seem to get it together lately. Just so you know I have not been completely void of TDL's in my life this last week I did not post. I have jotted things down on paper and marked them off. I guess that is ok. More to come later. I have a busy rest of the day and need to write down a few TDL's to make sure I get through without losing my mind!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 294: Monday

I stuck to my tdl today and got a lot done. I was out of bed bright and early and was able to bust out some house chorese before the children had to get moving for school.

  1. Turbo Fire HIIT 15 - C
  2. Facebook Post - C
  3. F/u with Jen - schedule - C
  4. F/u with Jen - movie - C
  5. Create AMS SN Cards - C
  6. Iron J and J's clothes and put away - C
  7. TWD - C
  8. Send Mel Ad and calendar info - C
  9. Find address for boyscott drop off - C
I have a lot more I would like to get accomplished! I got a ton accomplished that made me feel very productive. I can call it a night if I feel like it. Well, after Tuesday TDL is complete. :)

Day 291/292/293

It was a great weekend. Lots of scheduled stuff.
Leaving it at that!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 289/290:

Wed. To Do:
-Hair cut - C
-Post on CFA Photo contest - C
-Post other FB - C
-Back to school night - C

Now its 1:50 on Thursday afternoon and I am procrastinating big time. I just don't feel like doing anything! Ugh! Which means I have to jump start my focus.

Today I am going to focus on a few things:
-Facebook post for clients
-TDL Braindump for CFA
-Clean off desk

If this is all I get done today I am ok with that. What's up with my funk?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 288: Almost done

Meeting was to be 1 hour and ended up being 4. Some things did not get crossed off.


1. Update calendar - C
2. Turn in PTA info.
3. F/u with St. B - raffle - C
4. Meeting with CFA- C
5. Facebook updates - C
6. Plan for finishing AASF site
7. TurboFire - C
8. Invoice to Agnes
9. Invoices to CFA/DYS
10. Titan f/u - C

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 283 - 287 Labor Day

Ok - It has been so chaotic! Why? Because I have been a slacker with my to do list the last week!
I am hoping this week goes smooth - no eathquakes, hurricanes, power outages. Today I simply post my Tuesday TDL. Get back on track time.


1. Update calendar
2. Turn in PTA info.
3. F/u with St. B - raffle
4. Meeting with CFA
5. Facebook updates
6. Plan for finishing AASF site
7. TurboFire
8. Invoice to Agnes
9. Invoices to CFA/DYS
10. Titan f/u

That is what has to happen tomorrow!

BTW - Just read Rob Lowes Autobiography. Worth the read!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 280, 281, 282

Hurrican Irene made her way up the coast. Things have been completely crazy. School's closed, power outages! I have power and now its time to get back to business regardless of the chaos still going on to get everything moving again.

Sunday -
1. Core 20 - C

Monday -
1. Call with Dave/Titan - C
2. Promo for Titan Fest - C

Tuesday -
1. Fire 45 - C
2. Udate FB post - C
3.  CFA email - Bfast campaign and TCOSV - C
4. Write press release for Jim -
5. Wed. TDL

TurboFire Review:

Core 20 - Loved this workout. Working my abs and core are my least favorite thing to do. This 20 minute workout flew by! The first 10 minutes is completed by standing and using a band. The second 10 minutes are done on the floor. I completed this workout on Sunday. I was sore on Monday!

Fire 45 - Wow! This workout is so much fun! This particular workout was easy to modify if you need to be careful or are not ready for lots of jumping. I love that Chalene encourage fun and some dance moves! The 45 minutes went super fast.

I have to take my before pics. I am one week into the program. I want to see the before and afters!

Interested in ordering:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 277 - 279 Procrastination

I admit - No to do list over the last 3 days. I have definitely gotten things done but a bit chaotic. It pays to have the TDL! Now getting ready for Hurrican Irene! I hope the East Coast comes through ok.

Good note: Sticking with Turbo Fire!! Finsihed my workouts on Thursday, Friday and now today!!

I will have detailed to do's. I can't stop now can I?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 276: Two To Do

I had (2) Big To Do's Today!

1.  Meeting at DYS - 9:30
2.  Take back all the containers to CFA's - C
3. Make Wed. TDL - (Lots of little to do's to catch up on.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 275: Back to School

Both children are back to school. The house is quiet! No excuse to not get things accomplished!

Ok - I did not get a couple things accomplished yesterday. Got a little crazy with the earthquake. Yikes!

Today's TDL!

  1. Make TDL - C
  2. Turbo Fire HIIT 15 - C
  3. CFA - NA - leave at 2:30 - C
  4. Webinar - 10:30 - 11:30  - C
  5. Update CFAB ad -C
  6. Update Titan Info. - x
  7. Dates to send out Titan info.- x
  8. Reservation system - DDDN (Check it out.) -x

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 274: Monday

My youngest started school today and my oldest starts in tomorrow. So excited to have somewhat of a schedule.

To Do List:

  1. Facebook Post - C
  2. Meeting at J's school - C
  3. Lunch date with preschool - C
  4. Meet friend - C
  5. Pick up lunch stuff for the week - C
  6. Tuesday plan
  7. TurboFire Fire 30 - C

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 273: Back to a Schedule Tomorrow

I do really well when there is some structure to my day. Having the kids at home all summer, hurt feet really through me off and my workouts went down the tube! School starts tomorrow and will help me to structure the day around work outs, school etc. I gained back (so sad about this) at least 7 lbs. of the 15 lbs. I lost. I HAVE to lost the 30 lbs. I committed to by year end.  This is one I goal I will not miss.


1. Restart WW for Monday - C
2. Commit to 1 week of workouts and healthy eating. (It is a start without feeling overwhelmed by rules)
   which includes: - C
  • Giving up coffee (I love the cream in coffee. Giving it up! Tea for me this week.
  • One full week of Turbo Fire (week 1)
  • No wine! (with the exception of 1 glass at book club)
  • Book Club - plan ahead what I can take that is healthy (veggies and low fat dip or fruit)
  • No eating after 7 pm
  • Shakeology for breakfast!! (I was out and should have my new bag this week.)
  • Drink H2O - This is an easy one for me. Love it!
  • Track weight/measurements on BB and WW.
  • Enter in to BB contest! Win!
3. Monday - TDL

Day 272: Saturday - Baby Shower

Tomorrow I am helping throw a shower for my sister in law. Expecting twins! Whoohoo!!
(I wrote this up Friday night.)
  1. CFA - set up for LDay - C
  2. Pick up Lemon Vodka for shower - C
  3. Tea & Lemonade from CFA - C
  4. Baguette - C
  5. Pick up table cloth for CFA - C
  6. Pick up shower gift (don't forget coupon)- C
  7. Pick up check at CFA  - C
  8. Bank - C (I delegated!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 271: Today was simple...

To do list:

  1. Clean upstairs - C
  2. Wash kitchen floor - C
  3. Facebook post for clients - C
  4. TWD - C
  5. email to Jack - C
  6. Make pasta salad - C
  7. Sat. TDL - C
All done! Now time for bed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 269:

Have an event tomorrow. Need to get up early and work out!

To Do List:

  1. Fire 30
  2. Luau event
  3. Send (2) prizes out
  4. Facebook post

Day 268: Work Day

Tuesday is always my work day! My parents spend the day with kids and I run around doing the work I can't do from home! I take meeetings etc. I was out the door asap!

  1. Meeting CFA
  2. Meeting Titan
  3. Facebook post
  4. Drop tuition off at school
  5. Prep for Luau
All the above accomplished. Now that it is actually 12:19 am on Wed. I best get to bed.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 267: Geared up for the week.

Today's To Do:

  1. Workout - Fire 15
  2. Bank - C
  3. Work CFA - 2 hours
  4. AC repair man apt.


  1. TWD
  2. Update calendar
  3. Check FlyLady Zone and spend 15 minutes

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 266:

Overslept and did not get to church. Felt my feet were up to a workout. I did Turbo Fire Fire 30 low impact style and can say my feet are feeling good. I stretched my feet before the workout and massaged them afterwards.

Frustrating me today is our AC went out. Not going to be a cheap fix! Can't seem to get ahead that way.

Adding a few more items on the to do list:

1. Work to do braindump
2. Update calendar
3. Grocery store
4. Monday TDL

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 258 - Vacation to 265

Hit the beach with my family this past week - Day 258 - 265 on vacation!!
Only to do's were...

-Each day update my customers fb pages - C
-Read book club book. - C

My arch is feeling better but not 100%. I am going to try and do low-impact Turbo Fire this week.
I purchased NEW Nike Trainers!

Tomorrow the only thing on the to do list.

- Church
- To do list brain dump for the week.

Summer is coming to an end as kids are getting ready to go back to school. It has been a great summer with my munchkins but I have to admit I am  looking forward to more of a routine that is hard to during the summer.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 257: Get it done!

To do:
  1. Purchase for T&K party - C
  2. Send out invoices - C
  3. Flowers for CFA - C
  4. TWS - 5:00 - C
  5. WFD? - C Carry out!
  6. Pack kids for Gi's and Pops - C
  7. Braindump (no, and I don't know why I thought I could get to this!)
    1. CFA WC
    2. CFA B
    3. Titan
    4. St. B
    5. AASF Web
    6. DYS FB & SEO
    7. Social Media learning
  8. BofGB deposit envelope - find

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 256:

I am feeling so discouraged with my foot! My PT thinks I pulled the arch muscle! I have got to heal it up!
Boo!! I was pyched to get started with my TurboFire and now I can barely walk!

Todays To Do List:

  • Meeting at CFA B - C
  • Drop to St. B tickets - C
  • Drop VBS to other churches - C
  • TWD (car pool) -
  • Go through T & K's party to do -
  • Send out FB Prizes -

Day 255: Forgot to publish yesterdays

Seriously!! My foot is killing me and keeping me from my new workout program! Ugh!! I soaked my foot in epsom salt and it might feel a bit better. I am so discouraged!

Todays' To Do:

  • Order for party - C
  • email for TCOSV - C
  • Facebook post -C
  • J to TWD -
  • Watch neighbors kids - C
  • Playdate for J - C

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 254:

Went to bed early and got up early. Already got my TurboFire workout in by 6:00 am! I am not happy to report my left foot - inside heel area is killing me. I had to do a combo low/medium impact. I wanted to rock it out. I am nervous my foot hurts! Ugh! NO!! Tomorrow is a schedule rest day on the program. Hoping that will make a difference with the foot.  I am going to do my plantar facasciitis stretches and hope and pray it works!

Day 2 Turbo Fire Review: Workout HIIT 15/Stretch 10
Quick and very fun workout! Loved it! Anyone can fit this workout in their day. No excuses.

Today's To Do List:

  1. CFA Meeting
  2. Send invoices
  3. Facebook updates
  4. Shop for babyshower
  5. f/u with Kim - check
  6. Plan for vacaation
  7. Crofton Meadows Core
  8. Review projects and TD
  9. F/u with CFA B re: vacation/bog giveaways

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 253: Week of Crazy

This is going to be one crazy week. I have too much to do and only 24 hrs. in a day to do it! What can I do? Follow my TDL with military precision.

Today I am starting TURBO FIRE!! I have signed up for the Beachbody Challenge. Cash prizes for big transformations! I am going to win!! I have to take measurements and pictures today. I have not done that for awhile. I hate to admit it but I gain back a few lbs. after I stopped putting working out on my tdl and had the feet issues. Happy to report my feet feel great!

Day 1 Turbo Fire: So I completed my first day of  Turbo Fire (Fire 30/Stretch 10). I gave today's workout 100%.  I had to switch back and forth between going all out and doing the low impact options. I did it! Felt good! 

The Stretch 10 class is awesome! It is quick and feels great!

Today's To Do List:

  1. Workout: Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class - COMPLETE!!!
  2. Dentist - 9:30 - C
  3. Bank - C
  4. Confirm Ts. Meeting - C
  5. f/u with BB lead
  6. Plan Kims Party - C
  7. Facebook post - C
  8. F/u with Mandy -C
  9. TWD plan/f/u on email - C
  10. Send invoices to FB Clients
  11. Tuesday TDL
  12. FB - follow AG -C
  13. CFA
    1. Prizes for FB - C
    2. Luau Plan - C
    3. VBS

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 251 -252: Weekend

Definitely need to plan for the week. Crazy week ahead.

Simple tdl.

-Finish braindumps. (I honestly did not finish yesterday. Migraine again!)
-Pics with Kids - C
-Spend time with the my Sister - C

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 250:

It's Friday. Keeping the TDL simple. I need to do major TDL braindump. What is a braindump you ask? Very simple. It is when you have one or more multiple projects going on and need to do a written list of everything in your head that needs to be accomplished. Too much swimming in your head causes choas, unfocused priorities and lack of progress.

Today's list is strictly priority:

  1. Facebook Post
    1. CFAWC
    2. CFABVG
    3. Titan
    4. DYS
  2. CFA WC Brain Dump
  3. St. B Brian Dump
  4. CFA B Brain Dump
  5. Titan Brain Dump
  6. TWD Sparring
  7. What's for Dinner?
  8. Fun for kids: Nephew spending the night!

Day 249

Forgot to hit post - yesterday's TDL in draft mode!

  1. Drop Golf tournament donation - C
  2. Work PWords update
  3. Send out prizes - C
  4. Park with R & Kids - C
  5. Pool with D and Kids - C
  6. TWD - C
  7. F/u with Lori - C
  8. Finish CFA B Promo Sheet
  9. Facebook Post - C

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 248: Turbo Fire!!

Whoot! Whoot! Guess what came in the mail! TURBO FIRE!! I start my new program tomorrow and will give updates on progress. Who's in? go to to order TURBO FIRE!!

If you are in  - post in the comments section - I am on FIRE!!!

Today's To Dos:

  1. CFA - Send email re: Sat. promotion - C
  2. Listen to voicemails  - C
  3. Pull and drop off stuff for golf tournament  - C (Drop in AM)
  4. Send GS - new menu updates  - C
  5. Facebook posts  - C
  6. Clean kitchen  - C
  7. Do pw list for work
  8. Work on AASF website 30 minutes  - C
  9. Write Titan TDL
  10. Work on CFA B - promo plan 30 minutes
  11. Send out any prizes
  12. Top 10 goals  - C
  13. TurboFire Video
  14. Put laundry away  - C
  15. Clean up Josie closet
  16. Create fundraiser flyer for Trinity  - C
  17. CFA - order plush cows  - C
  18. Braindump CFA
    1. Plan for swipe cards
    2. Oatmeal distribution
  19. Lucas spending the night with the kids.  - C
  20. Make Gak with kids!!   - C

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 247: Out the door and busy

Busy day.

  1. Meeting
  2. Pick up J
  3. Pick up D
  4. Stop by CFA B
  5. Dentist Apt.
  6. Pick up J2
  7. Unscheduled Dr. Apt.
  8. FB updates

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 246: Turbo Fire

I ordered Turbo Fire last week!  I cannot wait to get my delivery!! I tracked my package today and it is already at my local post office so I should have it today or tomorrow. I am hoping today! Something I discovered about me in regards to working out. I have to workout first thing in the morning or most likely it won't get done. I am 99% more likely to workout using at home workout routine than going to the gym.
I busted through CLX and had great results. Lost 15 lbs. and lots of inches. Ready to bust out Turbo Fire and drop more lbs. Each day I will post what workout I am doing with a review.

If you want to join me and do Turbo Fire go to GETTING FIT WITH JOY

Lot's to do!!!

  1. Update calendar with upcoming vacations/events/back to school
  2. Spend time on KT's party
  3. Spend 30 min. writing up CFA B promo checksheet
  4. Update facebook
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. Titan
    5. St. B
  5. CFA - Pull Laua Plans
  6. CFA - Mail prizes
  7. Buy bday gift Brady
  8. Pull info. for Jill Scott
  9. CFA - Promo Plan for Trinity
  10. CFA - pull BOG's for ABChurch
  11. Review emails
  12. Deleted 100 emails from yahoo
  13. Spend 10 min. on gmail email organizing
  14. CFA WC - Additional youtube video promo.
  15. Write top 10 goals
  16. Workout
  17. Spend 30 minutes on Titan
  18. Order St. B tickets
  19. Write email for TCOSV
  20. Create email for youtube video info.

Day 243-245 Weekend

Long weekend fun! Its summer and I am enjoying time with family in town.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 242:

Today's To Do:

  1. Facebook post - C
  2. Make pasta salad for Steves - C
  3. CFA f/u with M (soldier return)
  4. CFA Core Essentials
  5. Spend 30 minutes cleaning the master bedroom/bath - C
  6. Begin write up for CFA B - promotion checksheet
  7. CFA - send TCOSV peeps email
  8. CFA - prepare email for video offer
  9. Order Turbo Fire - C
  10. Make TF order video - C

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 241: Prioritizing To Do's with Goals

Always lots to do! Working to get back to focusing on big picture goals. It is so tough not to get pinned down with the little things day in and day out. I think I need a sign above my desk that makes me focus on the big picture. If I don't focus on the "high level goals" all I get done is the time suckers. Yes, those things need to completed but I have to prioritize.

I am:

  • Committing to writing top 10 goals every Tuesday.
  • Marking with an * if it a To Do that cooresponds to achieving those goals.
One thing I have learned so far with this process - it that it takes practice and constant effort to make the most of the TDL. Sticking with it!

What should my sign say for my desk? I need a constant reminder.

TIP: Found this great site to make your own grocery list! It is very cool. You can check off from a prepopulated list add additional items. You simply hit submit and then it populates your entire list! Very cool.

  1.  Facebook post
    1. CFA WC - C
    2. CFA B - C
    3. Titan - C
    4. St. B
    5. DYS - C
  2. Menu for Kim
  3. Write thank you note to parents
  4. Make list for grocery store - C
  5. Workout - C (ugh...what the hell! I could not find my remote so I could start my CLX and the day got away. I HAVE TO WORK OUT IN THE MORNING!)
  6. CFA Flowers - C
  7. CFA promote video - C
    1. send CP - C
    2. send OP - C
    3. CNANDE FB - C
  8. CFA WC - follow CP & OP on Twitter - C
  9. CFA - Call SS - C
  10. Send Cindy dates for fundraiser - C
  11. Drop off Flowers - C
  12. Drop off stuff for Trinity (will do in the morning) - C
  13. Call Ashleigh at CFAB - C
  14. CFA WC - send out prizes
  15. Write Thursday TDL
  16. Write top 10 goals (was supposed to do this yesterday but was out of town.) - C

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 236 - 240 Back to the Beach

My sister came into town. We all headed to the beach! Nice time with no to do list other than have fun and get some sun. Back to work tomorrow. As always lots to do. Starting the day off with a workout.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 236:

Busy day. My sister is in town from Denver, CO! Looking forward to spending the next days at the beach with her and her family! I still need my TDL.

  1. Create youtube channel for CFA video
  2. Pick up video from CFA
  3. Post video
  4. Post link on facebook
  5. Schedule date to send via email
  6. Deposit Jim's check
  7. Facebook post
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA - C
    3. Titan - C
    4. CFA B - C
  8. Finish packing and load car

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 235: make your to do list today

Summer seems to be going by at lightening fast speed! Maybe I should just get used to the fact life just does not slow down. Grocery's always need to be purchased, laundry always needs to be done, extra expenses always rear their ugly head. All you can do it go at each day systematically - making your to do list and getting it all (or as much as you can) done or as much as you can being sure to take the time to have some fun and just be.

The to do list had helped me to keep the chaos away. One of the biggest points to Chalene Johnson's plan is to weekly focus on your overarching goals. I have not been doing that at all. I think it is effecting my progress. I am going to go back and listen to her goals video on her 30 day to do challenge series.

Today's TDL:

  1. Facebook post - C
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. ST. B
    5. Titan
  2. Drop pals - C
  3. Watch CJ 30 day challenge video goals - C
  4. Watch CJ video how to videos (1, 2 & 3) - C (very good!
  5. Send email to CFAB re: promoting FB - C
  6. Braindump plan for Titan
  7. Braindump plan for CFA
  8. f/u on CFA TCOSV emails
  9. Laundry (put away) - C
  10. Beachbody (brainstorm)
  11. Call Beachbody order TurboFire - C
  12. CFA - Fu on Core Essentials - C
  13. Pay bills - C
  14. Plan to set up bill pay - C
  15. f.u with Delonte - C
& Hit the pool with the kids. Can't be all work to do's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 234: Quick TDL today.

-Physical Therepy - C
-Grocery store run - C
-Pool - C
-Drop off PAL at VBS - C
-Facebook post - C
-Home to make a braindump (lots of little things to dump from the brain and put down for future TDL) - X

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 233: Tuesday!!

  1. Youtube video shoot - C
  2. Meeting with Titan at 11 - C
  3. WFD - C
  4. Pay bills
  5. Work on CFA tdl
  6. Review week (sista is coming to town! yay!)
  7. Update calendar

Day 232:

I did end up writing my TDL last night before bed. Got up and got to it.

Monday, TDL:

  1. Facebook posts - C
  2. Email Fran re: sending email address - C
  3. Party - calculate hours, budget & my fee  - C
  4. Bank  - C
  5. Drop to St. B  - C
  6. Plan for youtube shoot
  7. Watch Chalene Video 1 & 2
  8. Read FB piece  - C
  9. Brainstorm CFA work td's
  10. Call physical therepy  - C
  11. Send DYS invoice  - C
  12. Pull prizes for CFA FB  - C
  13. Pool  - C
  14. Text Dave re: meeting Tues.  - C
  15. Order St. B tickets  - C (partial...needed a piece of info.)
  16. Find a great WW recipe  - C

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 228, 229, & 231

Wow - what a crazy end of week. Beginning Thursday until Saturday evening.

I had TDL's written each day with no time to post online. I organized a private party for a client this weekend. I was out the door early and working the written TDL I kept on a clip board kept me in check and on target! All went so smooth! It was a lot of work.

Because of a crazy Thursday - Saturday I made one TD today:

Sunday: Relatives in Town - Enjoy the day with them.

Back to exercise tomorrow. Going to make my Monday TDL in the morning. Just need a break. When I tell you I worked my butt off this weekend - I did! Need some mental downtime this evening.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 227: Driving Battle Plan

Moving right along...

Lots to do again for a private party I was hired to do this weekend.

Today have some running around. I am going to sit down and make a good battle plan.
I have wasted so much time going somewhere only to realize I should have planned a better route, done something else nearby that has to be done etc. Not today. Making a driving around to do list.

Not wasting time today!

Driving Plan:

  1. Load car with CFA Storage stuff - C
  2. Go to CC for pickup - C
  3. Head to storage (behind CC pickup) - C
  4. Drop off CFA CC stuff - C
  5. Place order at CFA for Sat. party - C
  6. Bank (make sure I have checks) - C
  7. KMart (pick up bday gift) - C
  8. Grocery store: Purchase drinks for party, order fruit tray, pick up dinner - C (partial)
  9. Liquor store: pick up party liquor
  10. Dollar Store - pick up party bags for favors, bday gift bag. - C
  11. Pick up J from play date - C
  12. Head to party in Bowie (need directions) - C
  13. While in Bowie go to party store and pick up balloons for party and CFA - C
  14. Pick up J and come home - C
  15. Take IPAD!  - C

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 226:

Busy day prepping for Saturday event.

  1. Facebook postings - C
    1. DYS- C
    2. CFA WC- C
    3. CFA Bowie- C
    4. Titan- C
    5. St. B- C
  2. Buy balloons for CFA & Party
  3. CFA - order new bag stuffers- C
  4. Make CFA tdl - braindump
  5. Party (todays priority all day!- C
    1. Meet with Mary 11:30- C
    2. This is list long...I have written it out. Just trust me!- C

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 225: Listen to your body

Late post friends. Todays TDL below and still working...

Quick update on my workouts....
I have been struggling with some serious foot issues. I finally broke down and went to the doctors today. My workouts were struggling b/c I would workout and then be in pain for a couple days. Recover...workout and repeat pain. Last week after doing step class I could barely walk by end of day. I literally crawled to bed with tears because the pain was so bad. I have a chronic case of plantar fasciitis. I am giving myself a week of not doing anything then hoping to go back to my CLX workouts. I am going to try some pilates classes in the meantime to keep the load off. New flash: Listen to your body!

  1. Doctors appointment - C
  2. Post fb - C
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA CFA
    4. TC
  3. Email for youtube video - C
  4. CFA B - contest info. - C
  5. TDL for Wed. Party TDL (in progress)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 222 - 224 Happy Birthday America!

Went to the beach for the weekend! Back home and back to the tdl. Busy week because I have an event this weeekend. Too tired to think clearly so I will make a tdl in the am!

Hope you 4th was great! Let FREEDOM Ring!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 221- Prep for the Weekend

Lots to do today.
  1. Organize laundry (I washed 4 loads - already separated by family member - need to press and put aways) - C
  2. Take car to the shop - C
  3. Drop off materials at storage - C
  4. Pick up check - to bank - C
  5. Drop invites at Agnes - C
  6. Update FB - C
  7. Prep for weekend (lots of July 4 celebrations) - C
  8. Update shower list - C
  9. PRIORITY: Call bus for CFA - C
  10. Make drs. apt. for my feet.  - C

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 220:

Got my workout in! Scheduled with a friend to go to step class. I had a lot of fun!

What is on the docket for today. Lots. Time to sit down and write my TDL.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 219:

Having my son home from school has compeltely thrown my normal daily routine off! I have not been working out!! WHAT! He even said something last night! He is 7!! I have got to get it together and do my workouts. I have come too far not to. I am still down my 16 lbs. but I need to drop another 14 to hit my 30 lb. goal for the year. I am going to have to prioritize it on the TDL!

What is on the to do list today?

  1. Titan - request for FB privledges - C
  2. Titan - f/u with calendar guy
  3. CFA B - clean up the pages - C
  4. CFA B - schedule write up to promote FB
  5. CFA WC - email for youtube video plans
  6. Review calendar - C
  7. meet caterer 4:00 (head over earlier to get other things done) - C
  8. Pull reciepts and send to A - C
  9. Workout - Zumba (6:30)  - X
  10. Shower party (general) - C
  11. Pool (fun with the kids!) - C

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 218: Work Day

Today is my one set day to get work completed that I can not do in the morning or with my munchkins around. My parents take the children for the day and have fun.

BTW - Confirmed 2 new fb customers!! Whoot! Whoot!

Today is going to be busy!

  1. Titan Meeting - C
  2. CFA Marketing Meeting - C
  3. CFA B/VG FB Meeting - C
  4. Order signs for party
  5. Write up budget for party
  6. Do detailed walkthru (at the house)
  7. Pull receipts - C
  8. FB Post - C
    1. DYS
    2. ST. B
    3. CFA

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 217:

To Do List:

  1. Dentist apt.  - C
  2. Pick up check from CFA - C
  3. Prep Titan Meeting
  4. Prep CFA Marketing Meeting
  5. Prep CFA B FB Meeting
  6. Email OG proposal - C
  7. Researd tends on FB - specifically use of QB
  8. Order signs for party
  9. Order favors for party - C
  10. Write up budget for party
  11. Do detailed walkthru
  12. f/u with Mary - C
  13. Workout
  14. CFA - Flowers - C

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Weekend: Organization


  1. Call A and head on over to work (could be all day so can't plan anything else)
It was all day - 9:30 - 4:30. I was hired by a woman to help organize her basement. She has bad knees and just wanted someone to come in and help be the legs of the process. I am not an "organizer" by trade (hence the FlyLady) BUT I can work! All she needed was someone to put in an honest day. There are so many opportunities out there ... JUST DO IT!


  1. Church - Missed church...slept him.
  2. Workout
  3. Monday TDL - C
Decided to skip the workout. I know that is so BAD!! BUT I was inspired by yesterdays work to get some stuff completed in my basement. I cleaned out under the stairs. This area in my house is where I store off season clothing. It needed to be organized so I could finally put away winter clothes and finally put away summer clothes. I am going to say running the steps, lifting boxes etc. are today's workout. This was a much needed to do. And now it is done! Whoot! whoot! I have two bags to go out the door for donation!

BTW - Found a ton of mouse poop under my stairs storage area!! GROSS!! All vacuumed up and clean now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 214: Friday

Glad the week is coming to an end and the weekend is here. The week has flown by and I got a lot done including a meeting with a potential client!! Love that!

I have been very bad ...I have not scheduled my workouts!! What the heck? The result...I have not done my workouts!! Well, I can't have that now can I? Starting tomorrow - back to putting my workouts on the TDL. I was so good when doing the ChaLEAN Extreme program start to finish. I got all crazy when I thought I was cool enough to do whatever workout I wanted. I am just not at that phase yet to be so self motivated to do whatever workout.

Starting tomorrow I am doing a Shakeology cleanse and scheduling workouts. I am down 15...I have to achieve my goal of 30 lbs this year! Can't stop now.

Today's TDL:

  1. Swim lessons - C
  2. F/u with Dave - C
  3. Clean off Command Central - C
  4. F/u with Tree Hugger Company - C
  5. Find a co. to do stones - C (somewhat? ugh!)
  6. Plan for Saturday
  7. Update CFA TDL
  8. Update party TDL against calendar

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 213: Question for Readers

I have a question for my readers today. Please pass on this post if you happen to stumble upon it.
Simply comment on this post: What is ONE basic life skill that you wish your parents, school system or some other taught you before leaving for college or  moving out on your own?


I was out the door this morning working on the TDL!

  1. Add Aug. 6th to calendar - new event - C
  2. order desserts for event - C
  3. Call O. Guys - C
  4. DDDN pics - download and post - C
  5. Drop off hours to B - C
  6. Buy shorts - C
  7. Make Wed. TDL

Day 212:

I wrote down yesterday's TDL on paper! To post later with todays (also on paper!) Gotta run...and cross things off the list!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 211: Just Write It Down

Monday was smooth sailing - because I rocked the To Do List and wrote it the night before. I knew it would be a busy day and it was. No stress! Part of keep the stress away is to front load as much as you can when time is available. I did! Tomorrow is another busy day - with a second day of an event. Feeling good! Loving the TDL!!
My tip: At the end of the day I just don't feel like writing my next days TDL. BUT...doing it...makes the next day so much smoother! Figure out what works for you.

UPDATE: It was a great day! Went smooth as silk! I printed the TDL posted below and added a couple items. Having them written down was KEY! It all got accomplished!
  1. Rise & Shine! - C
  2. Stop at CFA re: balloons and string - C
  3. Go to Wagners for materials (plates and butcher paper) - C
  4. Bank (take checks) - C
  5. Pick up munchkins - C
  6. Swim lessons (and payment) 11 - C
  7. Call CFA re: ODayCare - C
  8. Update RSVP's - C
  9. Purchase new roses for guest - C
  10. Event  - C
  11. Expense receipts from CFA - C

Day 210: Monday!!

I made my TDL last night and I am busting through it. Ahead of schedule!! Once I made my tdl last night I busted a few out! Making the tdl the night before is the way to go.

  1. Rise and Shine - C
  2. Email Lynda re: order - C
  3. Print off rsvp's and seating chart - C
  4. Pull photo release forms - C
  5. Email TWD schedule -  C
  6. Layout DDDN clothes and nametag - C
  7. Update time sheet - C
  8. Pack kids - C
  9. Buy flowers and put together - C
  10. Cut paper - C
  11. Load car - C
  12. Event tonight!! - C
  13. f/u on any last minute rsvp's - C

Day 208/209: Weekend

I did not post weekend TDL. Here it is.

1. Play with children. - C
2. Celebrate Father's Day - C
3. Make Monday TDL - C
4. Make Raffle Ticket Draft - C

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 207:

To Do List Today:

  1. Lunch with friends (end of preschool day) - C
  2. f.u with all DDDN request
  3. Review PARTY TDL
  4. Facebook Post
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA - C
  5. TWD - Sparring
  6. Finish response to CFA B/VG

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 206:

  1. Pick up package/drop to A - C
    • ask about fire extinguisher - C
  2. Fedex Package drop off - C
  3. Haircut - C
  4. Omelet Guys contract signed - C (left with A to be signed)
  5. Watch neighbors kids - C
  6. Work on DDDN - C
  7. Pick up beyblades for son (prize for good grades!) - C

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 205: To Do List Today

I did not get everything I needed to accomplish done yesterday. BUT...Good things happened!

First - How did I get sidetracked? It was the last day of school for my son and my daughter went to a  "schools out for summer" party. She is 4 - so I had to stay. It is fun to watch her have a blast with friends doing kid things like playing in water and on a swing set. I can't say no to that and I was there longer than I anticipated.

When I got home I felt horrible - I have been fighting a migraine. I had to take it easy. I just can't focus on to do list and work when I am trying to manage a major headache. I will give myself a break. With that said I did take care of items that were time sensative.

I got a call from a new client who is going to hire me to do their social media work!! yay!! That has been something I have been working to do - b/c it keeps me working from home and ups my income!!

Now I have three things to accomplish...I am finishing today...
from this comes my next To Do Lists.

1. Braindump update for party event. - C
2. CFA Braindump - C (still in progress)
3. Facebook braindump - next steps with NEW CLIENT!!! - C (now finalize in professional format)

(these three will guide the rest of the month)

Lastly - If time permits today (otherwise it goes on the Thursday TDL) I am going to do a general plan/schedule for summertime work/activity. I want to maximize the time between work and play with my kids now that school is out.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 204: Tuesday To Do List

Today I have one main goal and a few must do's! A lot of planning today will go a long way tomorrow and the rest of the month! I have an event I am planning for Saturday, July 9. Kids finish school this week, family will come into town, I want to hang at the pool and beach. To do it all...well planned project to do list is a must.

I have to admit one other thing falling through the cracks - I am not make goal list. I know this is hurting me. It is a weekly staple in Chalene Johnson's plan. I am going to restart the 30 day challenge. I have incorporated so much but think it is time for a refresher course.

Tuesday, TDL:

  1. Update party/pre-party tdl - C (still inprogress)
  2. Write any last tdl's for DDDN and schedule this week.
  3. Last day of school - early pickup - C
  4. Gabby's Party - C
  5. Follow up with Agnes on invite wording - C
  6. Send Agnes request for payment
  7. Schedule with B/Delonte for filming
  8. Send Agnes Omelet Guys' proposal
  9. Call Main Ingredient for cakes - C (work around for bday cake)
  10. Pick up from CC (show Lynda idea for DDDN printout) - C
  11. Facebook posting
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA
    3. St. B
    4. CES - C

Day 201-203 Over the weekend and Monday

I do not usually create a large tdl for the weekend. This weekend was no different. I had a few work items to take care of and then simply wanted spend time with family. Mission accomplished. Sunday, I met with a client (I am overseeing a private party for her) and created a brainstorm list of to do's in regards to prepping for the party. I have to sit down today and organize this massive list into an organized plan. That is a priority so nothing falls through the cracks.

Monday got underway with a meeting and then a migraine hit. Ugh. I did get a frog off my plate in the morning! I wasted time b/c I had planned to come home and write down the tdl after my morning meeting. Had I written my list the day before I would have not missed a few things that caused me time because I had to come home to grab.  Whereas I like writing my to do list in the morning - it works better for me if I write it at night so I can look at the day as a whole and list out "items" needed to accomplish certain tasks. And figure in where certain activities work best in the day.

I have got to write down today's tdl and stick to it! If I want to have all the fun and accomplish projects on needed to be accomplished by certain dates this next month it is imperative I am on the tdl!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 200:

To Do List:

  1. DDDN Reservations
  2. Facebook post
    1. DYS
    2. CFA
    3. CES
  3. TWD Driver
  4. Put away J's summer clothes
  5. CFA _ order more TCOSV flyers
  6. Omelet Guys
  7. Babyshower Schedule and to do's
  8. Plan for Saturday morning

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 199:

Thursday, To Do List:

  1. CLX - Push 1 & Burn It Off - C
  2. Track WW - X (I HAVE TO DO THIS!)
  3. WFD? - C (leftovers)
  4. Go though 1 summer bin - C (Now I have to put away)
  5. 15 min. cleaning off desk - C
  6. Call Kelly - C
  7. Call Omelet Guys
  8. Call Eric *
  9. CFA (min. 2 hrs.)
    1. Reservation update - C
    2. f/u with run - C
    3. revise DDDN spreadsheet - C
    4. plan DDDN to do list 
    5. Review upcoming months
    6. TCOSM (print community board)
  10. Next steps for articles

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 198: It is all in the details

I wrote my must do to do list night. I got everything on the list completed. I wasted time due to not being more detailed! For example: I had to drop stuff off at work and completely left a few things at home b/c they might not necessary been a priority today but would have saved me time in the long run if I thought it through.

Not writing down your to do's will always lead to forgetting or not completing something. Be sure to think through details when your life involves juggling multiple balls!

Good example this morning: I had to finalize an order for invitation for a party I am being paid to organize for a client. I have been working with my local Hallmark. I thought I would simply drop my son at school and head down the store. Problem...the store opened at 10:00. I was sitting in the front parking lot at 9:15. I did not want to drive back home and then come right back out. I had to get this done early. I did use the time to grab a breakfast smoothie with my daughter and sit outside for a bit. I really enjoyed that time! :) We had fun.

Just be sure to think things through. This includes grocery list!

Wed. To Do:

  1. Hallmark - Invites - C
  2. Pick up envelopes and drop to A - C
  3. Pick up from CC - C
  4. Drop at CFA - C
  5. Storage - C
  6. Workout - C
  7. CFA - F/u on reservations - C
  8. Facebook post - C
  9. Pick up E for playdate with J - C
  10. (Last minute addition) Drop envelopes with A - C
  11. (Last mintue addition) Pick up invites - C (Hallmark did a great job and got the print job done quickly!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 197:

Long day. Out the door early. I screwed up. I got a lot done but if I have to be out the door early  the tdl needs to be done the night before.

Off to write Wed. TDL!!

  1. Meeting - C
  2. Drop J at GP - C
  3. Facebook
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA - C
  4. BS - invites - C
  5. Make Wed. TDL!!!!
  6. Wed. Workout
  7.  Drop BOG's - C
  8. Mail - C
  9. Bank - C

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 196:

I have had  a work to do that I have been procrastinating. Before I even wrote my tdl today I busted it out! It's done!! Whoot! Whoot! Now to focus on the rest of the day.

To Do List:

Facebook postings
  • DYS - C
  • CFA - C
  • GFWJ
  • CES
  • St. B
Update TDL on blog - C
Update blog post
Write tomorrows TDL
What's for Dinner?
Workout: CLX Push
15 min. in Zone
Vitamin D supplement - C
Track WW points - C
Picnic with preschool - C
Volunteer Meeting
CFA ( 2hrs.)
·        Get out letters - C
·        Post DDDN - C
·        Print signs for TCOSV
·        Send bag stuffers for TCOSV
·        Send B Script - C
·        Send Delonte Script
·        Make calendar with deadlines
·        Have community board ready to go tomorrow.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 194/195: Weekend Fun!!!

Weekend Fun!

A few months back I wrote about a decision to stop working on an event I plan every year. Now that I am into spring and would be one month away from that event I cannot begin to tell you all how great that decision was. I am enjoying spring SO MUCH! Usually at this point I am irritable and stressed. I have enjoyed my spring, my garden and time with my family. 

I took my son to a birthday party today. I thought for one brief second that I would be irritable and agitated if I was under the stress of managing this event. I was able to spend the entire time at the birthday party just being with my son and enjoying every second of it! The party was at the roller skating rink. This was my sons first time skating. I had to help him. It was so much fun!! Loved it. Laughed a lot!

Great decision to nix the extra job. Bottom line. Don't be afraid to ditch what does not feel right for you life and sanity!

On another subject. I wrote that I was going to do an article on professionalism. As I began to think about this I realized it is NOT one article - it is many! It is not necessary confined to professionalism but general etiquette. Maybe a first article warrants my overview of my thoughts on the subject. I have many subpoints to my thoughts on this matter. First being, CELL PHONES!!

To do's for the weekend!

  1. CF walk (CFA work)
  2. bday party
  3. Sunday Church...cancelled - Baby Girl is sick. :(
  4. Meeting re:Shower
  5. TDL for week.
  6. Review calendar for the week
Have a great weekend friends!! Enjoy the family!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 193:

To Do List:

1. Wake up!!
2. Facebook post
3. Cow to CES FD - C
4. Flowers for CFA
5. BBall game
6. Call Agnes
7. Plan for weekend

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 192:

Today's To Do List!!

To Do List:

1.      follow up with Eric at CFA - C
2.      facebook post
a.       dys - C
b.      cfa - C
3.      dinner for Josh - C
4.      cancel TWD - C
5.      Update calendar - C
6.      workout - moving to fri.
7.      CFA
a.       Email Wendy f.u - C
b.      Update project sheets - IC (incomplete...need to continue)

Day 191:

Wed. To Do List:

I wrote yesterday's TDL down but did not get it posted...

1. email Wendy - C
2. Work on organizing photos - C
3. Leave for promotion ceremony (all day event) - C

It was a great day! I was invited to see a friend receive his promotion to Lt. Col. In the US Army!
Now back to work.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 190:

Today if flying by and I need to get my tdl down on paper.

1. Wake up early (need to go to store and get cookies for school) - C
(I let my TDL go over the weekend holiday...and thus forgot to get cookies for my son to take to school and celebrate his bday. Lesson learned...even when you don't  have a full schedule and major to do's...write down even the smallest things that you may forget!)
2. Meeting - C
3. Buy J bday present - C
4. Dress for promotion celebration - C
5. Map out directions to DC location - C
6. TWD - driving tonight - C
7. Grocery store - Spaghetti and meatballs- C
8. Wrap Josh's gift- C
9. Go to storage
10. Update calendar
11. Facebook updates- C
11. CFA -
  • email Wendy
  • Fax Mary
  • Update project sheets

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 186 - 189

Friday - Monday! Memorial Day Weekend!

I did not get my post up! I have made my to do list simple. Enjoy my family. Back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 185:

I admit lack of focus this morning. I tend to get that way after I complete a big project. Which I did last night. Time to settle in and write down the TDL!

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
  1. Update TDL on blog - D
  2. Update blog post
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner?
  5. Scheduled: TWD (Car pool tonight)
  6. Workout: CLX Burn 1
  7. 15 min. in Zone
  8. Vitamin D supplement
  9. Outline/brainstorm for professionalism article.
  10. Track WW points
  11. TDL Braindump on
    • CFA Projects
    • Baby Shower
                                                              i.      Wording for invites

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 184:

I have an event tonight so need to be methodical in my to do list!

  1. drop off j at school- C
  2. buy flowers - C
  3. put vases together - C
  4. call confirm entertainment - C
  5. order photo release form - C
  6. fix up treasure boxes - C
  7. pull kids clothes together - C
  8. get out my outfit - C
  9. facebook post
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA - C
  10. dropp of jo at school - C
  11. Event!! - C

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 183: Scratch Paper To Do List

I got out the door today early and wrote down on a scratch piece of paper my to do list. Not what I like to do. Tomorrow be back online! It keeps me focused.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 182:

Is the weekend over already?
Back to it and will have to rely on my to do list a lot this week.

To Do List:
Monday, May 23

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
  1. Update TDL on blog - C
  2. Update blog post
  3. Update calendar (bball, shower, etc.)
  4. Write tomorrows TDL
  5. What's for Dinner?
  6. Workout: ChaLEAN Extreme
  7. CFA: Review Website
  8. 15 min. in Zone
  9. Vitamin D supplement
  10. Track WW points
  11. Clear out 50 old emails
  12. Baseball game tonight
  13. CFA ( 2hrs.)
·        Send email re: pirate night
·        Drop off pirate shirts
·        Drop off hours and receipts to Brian
·        Schedule webinar
·        F.u calls

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 180/181: Weekend TDL!!

1.      Print off Flylady Zone Sheet
2.      Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA -
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
3.      Update TDL on blog
4.      Write Monday's TDL
5.      What's for Dinner? - C
6.      10 Push Goals for the Week
7.      Workout Saturday: X
8.      Workout Sunday: Run 2.5 miles - C
9.      15 min. in Zone
10.  CFA ( 2hrs.) - C
11.  Review RMD email - C
12.  Baseball game
13.  Review bills to be paid/finances
14.  Vitamin D supplement (Sat./Sun.) – C
15.  Coordinate plan for the week (events etc)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 179:

To Do List: Quick list today to keep me on track. I have a little boy home sick with the stomach bug. :(

  1. Facebook posting - C
  2. Field trip - (find sub to take J b/c other J home sick) - C
  3. Work CFA - 3 hrs. - C
  4. Workout
  5. What's for Dinner?
  6. 1 hr. on babyshower

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 178:

Thursday, To Do List:

  1. Facebook postings
·        DYS
·        CFA
·        GFWJ
·        CES
·        St. B
·        other:
  1. Update TDL on blog
  2. Update blog post
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner?
  5. Scheduled: TWD
  6. Workout: CLX Burn 1
  7. 15 min. in Zone
  8. Vitamin D supplement
  9. CFA ( 2hrs.)
·        Call Mary - C
·        Drop off cards to Nantucket
·        Drop cards to CFA with prize for Golf Tournament
·        Cancel blow up cow with Joel
·        f/.u with Urban Pirates
·        Names tags for Pirate Night
·        Call Demonte
·        Other f.u

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 177: Professionalism

Over the last few weeks a topic keeps coming up that I think warrants a post. Professionalism.
I attended a leadership conference a few weeks ago and one of the speakers discussed professionalism. He made a great point - it does not matter if you are the guy/girl that takes out the garbage or the owner of a business - you must be professional.

I had a conversation with a woman last night about a person she hired that is not acting professional. For example: Constantly texting, walking around without shoes on in the office.  This person is very young. It got me thinking how are we teaching out kids about professionalism when we really live in an everything goes society?

I have added to my push goals to write an article and get it published somewhere to help educate young kids entering the workforce how to be professional.   I really think it is so important! Who knows where the job market will be in the future. The difference between getting the job you want or need may just be how professional you are!

Wednesday, To Do List:
May 18

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
  1. Vitamin D supplement
  2. Track WW points
  3. Update TDL on blog
  4. Update blog post
  5. Write tomorrows TDL
  6. What's for Dinner?
  7. Workout: Yes TBD
  8. 15 min. in Zone
  9. CFA ( 2hrs.)
    • Order pirate stuff
    • Revise TDL

Day 176: Tuesday!

I got out the door early yesterday and did not get home unitl after 8. TDL did not get posted! I will just say this...totally productive day! Love that feeling!!

I had two big to do's: Meeting at CFA (2.5 hrs.) and a meeting with a client I am planning a party for (3.5 hrs) In between I took care of little to do's!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 175: Monday, Monday....Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Monday morning! Is there never a busy week? I don't think so. Ready to rock the week.
As I plan this weeks "to do's" I am really focusing on maximizing the day in the best way. For example - Mapping out certain activities at the best point of the day to maximize the hours in the day.

We all have 24 hours in a day - no more - no less. How do I maximize those 24 hours?

Monday, May 16

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
  1. Update TDL on blog
  2. Update blog post
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner?
  5. Workout: CLX Push 2/Run
  6. CFA: Review Website
  7. 15 min. in Zone
  8. Vitamin D supplement
  9. Track WW points
  10. Babyshower
·        (2) caterer menus
·        Email Steve re: date/invites
·        Pull to do sheet and what to discuss at meeting
·        Set date to Meet with Agnes
  1. CFA ( 2hrs.)
·        Awesome note

Day 172-174

Blogger was down on Thursday after I put up the post and through Friday
Read to rock out Monday with the TDL!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 171: What is on the To Do TODAY!

Thursday, May 12

  • Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA
    • GFWJ
    • CES
    • St. B
    • other:
  • Update TDL on blog - C
  • Update blog post
  • Write tomorrows TDL
  • What's for Dinner? - Chicken, Rice and Broccolie
  • Scheduled: TWD
  • Workout: CLX Push 1
  • 15 min. in Zone
  • CFA ( 2hrs.)
  • Vitamin D supplement
  • Track WW points
  • CFA ( 2hrs.) – my must do are listed here…
    • Drop SN Cards to CFA for ASA
    • Drop SN Cards to OE
    • Order other 2 SN cards
    • Order Pirate Night bag stuffers