Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 305 - 316 Where have I been?

If anyone is reading this blog than you might think I have given up. I have not. Yes, I have hit a bump. I have not been without a TDL for the last week plus. I have scribbled my TDL on paper and busted through. Was is the the best way to manage my day and what I needed to do. No. I got things done I needed to do but it left a lot to be desired for long term goal setting.

My question to myself was this - why have I been so resistant to post my TDL. Sit down like I have for months this year. Easy answer. I do not feel like I am hitting my goals. Which means something simple. I am doing something wrong.

Where do I go from here? Onward to success! That is where! I have managed to make my home much more chaos free. It will never be perfect and I am ok with that. I have not made a dent in my financial situation. I am not using credit cards but that debit I do have has barely moved. The ONE thing I can make sure happens this year is to lose the 30 lbs. I lost 17 - gained back 8 (major feet issues) - I still have 22 to lose. I can not go into the new year with that goal. It is my only goal from now til January 1. My ONLY GOAL!

First step: Call doctor tomorrow. I need another cortison shot for my feet.
Step 2: Turbo Fire

Every post from this day until January 1 will be about reaching my goal of losing that 22 lbs. Come hell or highy water it will be done!

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Dawn Dunn said...

Love this post! It's too bad you haven't reached all your goals but at the same time good to hear that you run into the same problems and set backs that we all face. It seems like making babysteps towards our goals is key and to remember that they all may not be met in the timeline we set for whatever reason. I think to do lists and how to work toward our goals is always a work in progress, trying to find what ways work best and what is realistic.