Saturday, December 31, 2011

I love New Years Eve - the idea of starting fresh gets me excited! I love it! I love goal setting, I love reading about people who reach their goals, I cry when I read or watch stories about people who have a dream and achieve it,  I LOVE it!!!

So then what the hell happened to me last year?

I got a message from that my url ( was going to expire. They started emailing me a few months ago.  I was simply not ready to commit. Now, I am. I don't care who reads this blog - I now see it simply as my outlet to document my progress.

I cannot say that I fully accomplished last years goals. Well, I did have a less chaotic home by following the flylady's plan. Definitely still room for improvement but much, much better. If you have a home that needs help - I encourage you to go to and check her out.

Where I did set very specific, smart goals I succeeded. I have more social media clients and just got another inquiry today for my service! I take that as an omen for a positive, prosperous year.

Last year I set a goal to pay off a credit card. To start off I set a goal to create a budget. I did! The problem, I got so caught up in the to do list I forgot to create a SMART goal  to take me to the next step! I need goals! I need small achievable goals that create momentum!

Where do I go from here? What is my plan for 2012?  I did see a ton of improvement last year. Fact is, you will get more done with a to do list than without. On days I did not have a written to do list  I suffered!

What I can say is you have to continually set goals and focus on those goals daily and weekly. I did get caught up in the daily to do list, BUT  it's LIFE and  there is always something to do!. Let's face it - life gets busy and those to dos can take over your life until you feel like you are simply a machine crossing things off your list. I got burnt out with to much to do on the to do list!

What I have not done is lost faith in Chalene Johnson's plan to reach the goals you want to accomplish. I purchased and received her book a couple weeks ago. That is where I begin. My focus this year will be to simply follow this book and its theory of how to achieve "a bangin' and the life you deserve" word for word. I give it up to you Chalene.

Here we go. Welcome 2012. I am ready.

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