Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Year New You!

I loved reading friends posts on Facebook yesterday - all filled with optimism for the New Year! That is what amazes me about Americans - optimism! It has been a tough year for so many but everyone looks to this New Year with promise and hope.

I have been working through my Push homework. Chalene's first assignment was to create a priority statement. The idea is that you refer to this priority statement to measure other goals against. If you set goals that really don't sync up with what your priorities - then you either feel unfulfilled or simply don't hit your goals. She goes into a lot more detail and it makes sense to me. I encourage you to buy the book. 

What is my priority statement? I admit I did borrow a bit from Chalene. What I like about her is how connected she is to her family and makes them her number one priority. In addition she finds ways to create income that both creates a secure home and satisfies her interest.


My Statement: 
My number one priority is to be present and actively involved in the lives of my husband and children; to demonstrate through my actions that my children and husband are more important than any personal pursuit; to work to strengthen my loving, respectful, and supportive relationship with my husband as a way to provide the best possible environment for my family; to raise children that are self-sufficient, confident, good citizens that believe they can do anything; to live a well-balanced, healthy, active life, spend my time efficiently; maintain an organized home, and look for creative forms of income that satisfy the entrepreneurial spirit  in me but ultimately creates a secure home.


Side note:

When I had my first child a 7 years ago I swore to myself I would stay home with my children and when they eventually went to school I would be the person who drops them off and picks them up from school. It is my priority that I am the one raising my children. I certainly can get very opinionated on this subject - staying home with my children has been the best decision I ever made. 

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