Friday, January 6, 2012

What's My Next Move

I have my priority statement and I have already completed the next steps in the Push process.

What was the next step? List 10 goals that  "would be crazy cool if this happened?"  From this list I pick a PUSH goal. One that will help me achieve the other goals.
(BTW - The plan requires one to write top 10 goals, 1x per week, without looking at old goals. I have programmed my phone to remind me.?

*Goals need to be written in the present tense as if you have already achieved them.

1. I have lost 40 lbs.
2. I have paid off all credit card debt.
3. I have taken a vacation with my husband.
4. I have 2 more sm clients.
5. I will teach a class on social media.
6. I will be chosen to teach a "Push" class
7. I will have a chaos free house.
8. I will have a new wardrobe b/c of my new body.
9. I will write and sell and ebook.
10. I will be published on yahoo contributor.

My Push Goal: (The goal that will help all others be achieved.)

Pay off debt!

Nest step: Reverse engineer the goal.  What do I need to achieve this goal? Brainstorm!!

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