Thursday, January 12, 2012

Selecting a SMART Health & Fitness Goal

My health goal is to lose 40 lbs. My job is to reverse engineer this goal. That is a brainstorm of what I need to do to accomplish this goal.

Here we go! 

  • Buy new shoes - C
  • Learn everything I can to help (at home) plantar fascia - Ongoing
  • Set up account with Weight Watchers - Ongoing
  • Track workouts on beachbody gym
  • track meals everyday to account for all food I eat
  • schedule exercise
  • create weekly SMART goals towards my overall health goal (every Tuesday)
  • find "trigger" times to do my plantar therepy
  • weigh self - C (Starting weight 171 lbs.)
  • track weight using weight watcher online tools (Every Tuesday)
    • Set up reminder on phone
  • Get new schedule of classes from the gym
  • Find an accountability partner
    • WW - Complete
    • TF - Complete
  • Learn to meal plan healthy dinners
  • Purchase healthy snacks to always have on hand
  • Copy schedule for Turbo Fire easy start
  • Commit to working out minimum of 3-5x per week
  • Quit drinking DD coffee
  • Create a "elliptical" music list 
  • Go through exercise clothes and get rid of ugly/worn out/misfitting clothing
  • Take before photos
  • Reward self for hitting weight goals 
    • 160 lbs. - New earnings (I have been eyeing this up and I have a coupon for them!)
    • 150 lbs. - New workout outfit
    • 140 lbs. - My choice
    • 130 lbs. - New wardrobe (I am going to need it.)

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