Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 253: Week of Crazy

This is going to be one crazy week. I have too much to do and only 24 hrs. in a day to do it! What can I do? Follow my TDL with military precision.

Today I am starting TURBO FIRE!! I have signed up for the Beachbody Challenge. Cash prizes for big transformations! I am going to win!! I have to take measurements and pictures today. I have not done that for awhile. I hate to admit it but I gain back a few lbs. after I stopped putting working out on my tdl and had the feet issues. Happy to report my feet feel great!

Day 1 Turbo Fire: So I completed my first day of  Turbo Fire (Fire 30/Stretch 10). I gave today's workout 100%.  I had to switch back and forth between going all out and doing the low impact options. I did it! Felt good! 

The Stretch 10 class is awesome! It is quick and feels great!

Today's To Do List:

  1. Workout: Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 Class - COMPLETE!!!
  2. Dentist - 9:30 - C
  3. Bank - C
  4. Confirm Ts. Meeting - C
  5. f/u with BB lead
  6. Plan Kims Party - C
  7. Facebook post - C
  8. F/u with Mandy -C
  9. TWD plan/f/u on email - C
  10. Send invoices to FB Clients
  11. Tuesday TDL
  12. FB - follow AG -C
  13. CFA
    1. Prizes for FB - C
    2. Luau Plan - C
    3. VBS

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