Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 280, 281, 282

Hurrican Irene made her way up the coast. Things have been completely crazy. School's closed, power outages! I have power and now its time to get back to business regardless of the chaos still going on to get everything moving again.

Sunday -
1. Core 20 - C

Monday -
1. Call with Dave/Titan - C
2. Promo for Titan Fest - C

Tuesday -
1. Fire 45 - C
2. Udate FB post - C
3.  CFA email - Bfast campaign and TCOSV - C
4. Write press release for Jim -
5. Wed. TDL

TurboFire Review:

Core 20 - Loved this workout. Working my abs and core are my least favorite thing to do. This 20 minute workout flew by! The first 10 minutes is completed by standing and using a band. The second 10 minutes are done on the floor. I completed this workout on Sunday. I was sore on Monday!

Fire 45 - Wow! This workout is so much fun! This particular workout was easy to modify if you need to be careful or are not ready for lots of jumping. I love that Chalene encourage fun and some dance moves! The 45 minutes went super fast.

I have to take my before pics. I am one week into the program. I want to see the before and afters!

Interested in ordering: http://www.gettingfitwithjoy.com/

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