Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 120: Reworking the To Do List for me

Writing a To Do List everyday has helped me to be extremely productive. I have noticed myself procrastinating a bit and not being as thorough the last few weeks. I asked myself - why? and what can I do to keep it up and be move beyond just being productive.

I learned so much taking the Chalene Johnson 30 Day To Do List Challenge. Most notably - being sure that you put two small babysteps on your TDL that pushes you to achieve your push goals.  I have not been completely absent from working toward those goals - but let's face it the craziness of kids, activities, making dinner etc can overwhelm you and those things slide to the bottom.

Let me explain what I do for a living. First I am a stay-at-home mom. I had to bring in some income so I work part-time from home doing marketing work and an evolving business managing social media for companies. I have to really work hard at prioritizing my day so that I can balance the being the "stay-at-home" and the "work from home". When you have a computer sitting in front of you - its easy to jump on and just work.

I decided today to sit down and make a weekly to do list mapping out activities that I can schedule Monday - Friday. I can easily pull it up on the computer and fill in additional things for the day I need to accomplish.
I have now eliminated having to rewrite certain to do's and have created a more systematic approach to the week.  Whereas Chalene suggest only putting to do's on your list that must, must be done that day - I have to make mine a bit more extensive. I will star anything that is a must - but to stay productive for the week I have to spread out the to do's and work to get them completed each day.

A note on priorities. All my resolutions are moving forward. I feel like I have stalled on my financial plan. Admittedly not my favorite of topics but probably the most important. To date I have been working on ways to cut expenses. Sure that is a huge part - I have to look at increasing income. I am working on it and have some irons in the fire. It is a priority to get that credit card debt paid and a great safety net.

Monday, March 21
To Do List:

  1. Make Monday TDL - C
  2. CLX - Burn It Off - X (did not complete. decided to make it a rest day. felt so weak today. :( )
  3. What's for Dinner? - C
  4. Post TDL - C
  5. Post blog - C
  6. Facebook postings -
    1. CFA - C
    2. St. B - C
    3. DYS - C
    4. GFWJ
    5. CES - C
  7. CFA - To Do List
  8. CFA (work 2 hrs.)
  9. Spend 1/2 hr. cleaning out old papers
  10. BB business - what's next
  11. CJ - Day 3 30 day challenge (Review)
  12. Weekly TDL spreadsheet - C (but will continue to improve)

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