Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 235: make your to do list today

Summer seems to be going by at lightening fast speed! Maybe I should just get used to the fact life just does not slow down. Grocery's always need to be purchased, laundry always needs to be done, extra expenses always rear their ugly head. All you can do it go at each day systematically - making your to do list and getting it all (or as much as you can) done or as much as you can being sure to take the time to have some fun and just be.

The to do list had helped me to keep the chaos away. One of the biggest points to Chalene Johnson's plan is to weekly focus on your overarching goals. I have not been doing that at all. I think it is effecting my progress. I am going to go back and listen to her goals video on her 30 day to do challenge series.

Today's TDL:

  1. Facebook post - C
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. ST. B
    5. Titan
  2. Drop pals - C
  3. Watch CJ 30 day challenge video goals - C
  4. Watch CJ video how to videos (1, 2 & 3) - C (very good!
  5. Send email to CFAB re: promoting FB - C
  6. Braindump plan for Titan
  7. Braindump plan for CFA
  8. f/u on CFA TCOSV emails
  9. Laundry (put away) - C
  10. Beachbody (brainstorm)
  11. Call Beachbody order TurboFire - C
  12. CFA - Fu on Core Essentials - C
  13. Pay bills - C
  14. Plan to set up bill pay - C
  15. f.u with Delonte - C
& Hit the pool with the kids. Can't be all work to do's.

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