Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 246: Turbo Fire

I ordered Turbo Fire last week!  I cannot wait to get my delivery!! I tracked my package today and it is already at my local post office so I should have it today or tomorrow. I am hoping today! Something I discovered about me in regards to working out. I have to workout first thing in the morning or most likely it won't get done. I am 99% more likely to workout using at home workout routine than going to the gym.
I busted through CLX and had great results. Lost 15 lbs. and lots of inches. Ready to bust out Turbo Fire and drop more lbs. Each day I will post what workout I am doing with a review.

If you want to join me and do Turbo Fire go to GETTING FIT WITH JOY

Lot's to do!!!

  1. Update calendar with upcoming vacations/events/back to school
  2. Spend time on KT's party
  3. Spend 30 min. writing up CFA B promo checksheet
  4. Update facebook
    1. DYS
    2. CFA B
    3. CFA WC
    4. Titan
    5. St. B
  5. CFA - Pull Laua Plans
  6. CFA - Mail prizes
  7. Buy bday gift Brady
  8. Pull info. for Jill Scott
  9. CFA - Promo Plan for Trinity
  10. CFA - pull BOG's for ABChurch
  11. Review emails
  12. Deleted 100 emails from yahoo
  13. Spend 10 min. on gmail email organizing
  14. CFA WC - Additional youtube video promo.
  15. Write top 10 goals
  16. Workout
  17. Spend 30 minutes on Titan
  18. Order St. B tickets
  19. Write email for TCOSV
  20. Create email for youtube video info.

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