Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 227: Driving Battle Plan

Moving right along...

Lots to do again for a private party I was hired to do this weekend.

Today have some running around. I am going to sit down and make a good battle plan.
I have wasted so much time going somewhere only to realize I should have planned a better route, done something else nearby that has to be done etc. Not today. Making a driving around to do list.

Not wasting time today!

Driving Plan:

  1. Load car with CFA Storage stuff - C
  2. Go to CC for pickup - C
  3. Head to storage (behind CC pickup) - C
  4. Drop off CFA CC stuff - C
  5. Place order at CFA for Sat. party - C
  6. Bank (make sure I have checks) - C
  7. KMart (pick up bday gift) - C
  8. Grocery store: Purchase drinks for party, order fruit tray, pick up dinner - C (partial)
  9. Liquor store: pick up party liquor
  10. Dollar Store - pick up party bags for favors, bday gift bag. - C
  11. Pick up J from play date - C
  12. Head to party in Bowie (need directions) - C
  13. While in Bowie go to party store and pick up balloons for party and CFA - C
  14. Pick up J and come home - C
  15. Take IPAD!  - C

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