Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 241: Prioritizing To Do's with Goals

Always lots to do! Working to get back to focusing on big picture goals. It is so tough not to get pinned down with the little things day in and day out. I think I need a sign above my desk that makes me focus on the big picture. If I don't focus on the "high level goals" all I get done is the time suckers. Yes, those things need to completed but I have to prioritize.

I am:

  • Committing to writing top 10 goals every Tuesday.
  • Marking with an * if it a To Do that cooresponds to achieving those goals.
One thing I have learned so far with this process - it that it takes practice and constant effort to make the most of the TDL. Sticking with it!

What should my sign say for my desk? I need a constant reminder.

TIP: Found this great site to make your own grocery list! It is very cool. You can check off from a prepopulated list add additional items. You simply hit submit and then it populates your entire list! Very cool.

  1.  Facebook post
    1. CFA WC - C
    2. CFA B - C
    3. Titan - C
    4. St. B
    5. DYS - C
  2. Menu for Kim
  3. Write thank you note to parents
  4. Make list for grocery store - C
  5. Workout - C (ugh...what the hell! I could not find my remote so I could start my CLX and the day got away. I HAVE TO WORK OUT IN THE MORNING!)
  6. CFA Flowers - C
  7. CFA promote video - C
    1. send CP - C
    2. send OP - C
    3. CNANDE FB - C
  8. CFA WC - follow CP & OP on Twitter - C
  9. CFA - Call SS - C
  10. Send Cindy dates for fundraiser - C
  11. Drop off Flowers - C
  12. Drop off stuff for Trinity (will do in the morning) - C
  13. Call Ashleigh at CFAB - C
  14. CFA WC - send out prizes
  15. Write Thursday TDL
  16. Write top 10 goals (was supposed to do this yesterday but was out of town.) - C

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