Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 131/132 - The Weekend

I decided this past New Year to have friends, neighbors and family over more. (because my house would not be in CHAOS!) I have been true to that promise. My home is by no way perfect. There are still little things that need to be picked up or finished. Sure there are some closets I might not want opened. All in all I am doing pretty good with keeping my home in a good way.

We have been having lots of fun having fun with this. The children love it and it is great to invite people in our home and have fun. When all is said and done - the fun with have with people we love is what we remember.

The smores were sooooo good last night!!

To Do List:
  1. Print off Flylady Zone Sheet - NEW ZONE this weekn KITCHEN!!
  2. Facebook postings
    • DYS
    • CFA - C
    • GFWJ
    • CES - C
    • St. B
    • other:
  3. Update TDL on blog  - C
  4. Write Monday's TDL
  5. What's for Dinner? - Cooking on the grill with Friends!!!
  6. 10 Push Goals for the Week
  7. Workout Saturday:  - C (Burn 1 & Fat Burn Challenge)
  8. Workout Sunday: - Rest Day
  9. 15 min. in Zone - C
  10. Review RMD email - C
  11. Church - C
  12. Review bills to be paid/finances
  13. Vitamin D supplement (Sat.) - C
  14. Vitamin D supplement (Sun.)
  15. Track WW points (Sat.)
  16. Track WW points (Sun.)
  17. BB #1:
  18. BB#2:

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