Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 141: List...list...list..

I looked around today on the web and found a lot of great packing list.  Some were created for people traveling overseas for lengths of time, some seemed more suited for local travel. As I reveiwed all the list - I decided to use them as my launching point but really narrow down to meet my needs for traveling out of state to see family.

My list is complete - but will review and edit tomorrow.

To Do List for Today!

  1. Facebook postings
·        DYS - C
·        CFA - C
·        GFWJ
·        CES -C
·        St. B
·        other:
  1. Update TDL on blog - C
  2. Update blog post
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner? - C - Soup and Sanwiches!
  5. Scheduled: CFA Meeting - C
  6. Scheduled: TWD  - C
  7. Workout: Push 1 (I got slammed today and did nto get it in. ugh!)
  8. CFA: Update Project To Do List
  9. 15 min. in Zone - C
  10. email Dave T
  11. CFA ( 2hrs.) - C
    1. f/u on market wide pop - C
    2. Go over donation requests
    3. f/u with Tami - C
  12. Vitamin D supplement - C
  13. Work on travel TDL!! - C
  14. Plan for Children tomorrows meeting - C
  15. PP Meeting tonight - C

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you share what website you found the packing list on, I would love to see it as I go out of town for weekend trips often. I always seem to forget something or scramble at the last minute of something I missed.