Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 136: Productivity

I have been extremely more productive since beginning my to do list quest but in no way have perfected my skill. Last night I listened to a 45 minutes seminar given by John Wittry of Mcgee Productivity Solutions.
One solid take away for me - I have to learn to manage my email. He asked how many emails those in the audience currently have in their inbox. Numbers ranged from a couple hundred to thousands. I am in the hundreds.

What I learned is that I am using my inbox as a reference system.

I am going to work on a consistent methodology to manage my email and get it out of the inbox. Keep it clear and manage my time.

The company has a newsletters available for download on their WEBSITE. Worth a look if you are interested in productivity.

  1. Facebook postings
·        DYS - C
·        CFA - C
·        GFWJ - C
·        CES
·        St. B - C
·        other:
  1. Update TDL on blog - C
  2. Update blog post - C
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner? - Pizza
  5. Scheduled: TWD - C
  6. Workout: REST (not feeling good) - C
  7. 15 min. in Zone - C
  8. Vitamin D supplement - C
  9. Final look over taxes (Ran out of time today. Move to Friday)
  10. CFA ( 2hrs.) - C
    1. Drop off SN Cards - C
    2. Email to pirates
    3. f/u re: SN to request
    4. Plan for EE Hunt (to give to Melissa)
    5. Unexpected Urgent f/u to graphic work - C

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