Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 143: The Written Word Comes to Life

I am thrilled to be meeting my second social media client tomorrow! Rock on!
I have a 3rd scheduled for April 27th! The to do list has made it all possible!

There is something about writing a goal down and an ACTION (in babysteps) down that makes it come to life. Back a few months ago I wrote about resigning from a contract event I worked on each year. I trusted my gut, put actions on my to do list and now...not only am I only FREE of a job that really stressed me out I have more than replaced that income! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS - C
    • CFA - C
    • GFWJ - C
    • CES - NC
    • St. B - C
  2. Update TDL on blog - C
  3. Update blog post - C
  4. Write tomorrows TDL - C
  5. What's for Dinner? Soup and Salad
  6. Workout: Push 1 - C
  7. 15 min. in Zone - C
  8. Vitamin D supplement - C
  9. Track WW points - X NO and need to get back to it!!
  10. Send files to Theresa for PP* - C
  11. Finish interview questionnaire for CFA*
  12. Pull directions for VGardens* - C
  13. Create new account online - C
  14. Plan for DYS while away
  15. CFA ( 2hrs.) - 1 hr. C
    1. Update project TDL
  16. email Dave - C

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