Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 137: Email, email, and more email

I read that billions of dollars are lost by companies each year because of employees mismanagement of email. I can believe it.  The article had it right - companies deploy communication software with little or no education.

The article by the McGhee company goes on to identify compulsively checking of email, loose construction of email email, and holding thousands of emails in the inbox as major issues.

Working from home I am hugely dependent on email. In what I do for a living it is a key component to get my job accomplished. Several months back I had thousands of emails in my inbox I used for reference. I just created a folder called "archive" and dropped them in there for fear I would need something.

Now I have 520 emails in my inbox. I have to rid myself of this email clutter.

My next step is to clear out the inbox by following what the McGhee group refers to as the 4 D's:

  1. Delete
  2. Defer - (put on my to do list)
  3. Delegate
  4. Do It (if it takes 2 minutes or less - just do it!)
Over the next 5 days I am going to work on clearning out that inbox using the 4 D approach.
If the email is being saved for reference reasons I will file appropriately in subfolders.

By this evening -- I need to be down to 420 emails!

  1. Facebook postings
    1. DYS
    2. CFA
    3. GFWJ
    4. CES
    5. St. B
    6. other:
  2. Update TDL on blog - C
  3. Update blog post - C
  4. Write tomorrows TDL
  5. What's for Dinner?
  6. Workout: Push 1
  7. 15 min. in Zone (Kichen)
  8. Vitamin D supplement
  9. Track WW points
  10. Rid of 100 emails!!
  11. Update fb pp
  12. Send email to Eric – Bowie CFA
  13. Taxes!!!!!
  14. BB #1:
  15. BB#2:
  16. CFA ( 2hrs.)
    1. Email pirate
    2. Community board
    3. Plan of EE Hunt
    4. Coupons

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