Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 140: Traveling

In a couple weeks I will be heading out of town. I am going to work on a traveling "to do list" and post for anyone that would like to download a copy and edit to fit their needs. Usually I leave the house and have overpacked and/or left the house in a bit of chaos.  I think I need to look at my traveling to do list in as two main categories:
-What needs to be done before I leave
-What do I need to pack for the trip

I will post my brainstorm before fine tuning it into a well organized thought out to do list.

  1. Facebook postings
·        DYS - C
·        CFA - C
·        GFWJ
·        CES - C
·        St. B - C
·        other:
  1. Update TDL on blog - C
  2. Update blog post
  3. Write tomorrows TDL
  4. What's for Dinner? Take out!! Bball game got rescheduled for tonight. - C
  5. Workout:  ChaLEAN Extreme Fat Burn Challenge - C
  6. CFA: Review Website - C
  7. Vitamin D supplement - C
  8. Bank - C
  9.  Drop off signs - C
  10. Week in Review (going to be a crazy week. I need to run the house like boot camp!)
  11. Update calendar (meetings, lunches, etc.) - C
  12. Delete 100 emails!! get # to 320. - Complete (it is getting harder to delete...I am going to be down to an empty inbox by Friday!)
  13. CFA ( 2hrs.)
    • eggs
    • write egg hunt plan for Melissa - C
    • f/u on email request
    • donation requests
    • send B new fb pp
    • f/u on market POP - C

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Nicole Mc said...

I LOVE this. browsing your blog I think we are very similar!