Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 156:

Yesterday flew by! I had my trusty to do list to check and keep me on track. I did not get everything complete but I got a lot complete!  It was my 8th year wedding anniversary so after my husband came home I wrapped up my to do's and just spent time with him!

Time to get to it for today. One thing I will be working on will be organizing my to do list by priority.
Things in BOLD will be a hot priority! Others to do's I might add a notation about time of day to complete.
I have a few weeks before school lets out and I need to be well organized before the children are home all day, every day! Work things need to get done but they are my priority and I want to maximize my time so my children have my full attention!

  1. Facebook postings
    • DYS - C
    • CFA - C
    • GFWJ
    • CES - C
    • St. B
    • other:
  1. Vitamin D supplement - C
  2. Track WW points
  3. Update TDL on blog - C
  4. Update blog post - C
  5. Write tomorrows TDL
  6. What's for Dinner? - C
  7. Workout: CLX – Push 3 - C
  8. 15 min. in Zone
  9. CFA ( 2hrs.)
    1. Complete project to do list update - C
    2. Work on those to dos! - C

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