Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 194/195: Weekend Fun!!!

Weekend Fun!

A few months back I wrote about a decision to stop working on an event I plan every year. Now that I am into spring and would be one month away from that event I cannot begin to tell you all how great that decision was. I am enjoying spring SO MUCH! Usually at this point I am irritable and stressed. I have enjoyed my spring, my garden and time with my family. 

I took my son to a birthday party today. I thought for one brief second that I would be irritable and agitated if I was under the stress of managing this event. I was able to spend the entire time at the birthday party just being with my son and enjoying every second of it! The party was at the roller skating rink. This was my sons first time skating. I had to help him. It was so much fun!! Loved it. Laughed a lot!

Great decision to nix the extra job. Bottom line. Don't be afraid to ditch what does not feel right for you life and sanity!

On another subject. I wrote that I was going to do an article on professionalism. As I began to think about this I realized it is NOT one article - it is many! It is not necessary confined to professionalism but general etiquette. Maybe a first article warrants my overview of my thoughts on the subject. I have many subpoints to my thoughts on this matter. First being, CELL PHONES!!

To do's for the weekend!

  1. CF walk (CFA work)
  2. bday party
  3. Sunday Church...cancelled - Baby Girl is sick. :(
  4. Meeting re:Shower
  5. TDL for week.
  6. Review calendar for the week
Have a great weekend friends!! Enjoy the family!!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Love that you are enjoying your Spring without the stress of the job that you ditched! Whoot Whoot! It's all in the priorities that you set for yourself.

Look forward to the articles on professionalism. I think that is a course that should be taught in HS/College...Cell Phones, Attire, Manners...the list goes on and on. I can remember some of the younger women (right out of college) who would say a bit too much of what they did over the weekend. All I could think about was that I would never want my boss to hear how wasted I was....etc. Unbelievable!!