Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 219:

Having my son home from school has compeltely thrown my normal daily routine off! I have not been working out!! WHAT! He even said something last night! He is 7!! I have got to get it together and do my workouts. I have come too far not to. I am still down my 16 lbs. but I need to drop another 14 to hit my 30 lb. goal for the year. I am going to have to prioritize it on the TDL!

What is on the to do list today?

  1. Titan - request for FB privledges - C
  2. Titan - f/u with calendar guy
  3. CFA B - clean up the pages - C
  4. CFA B - schedule write up to promote FB
  5. CFA WC - email for youtube video plans
  6. Review calendar - C
  7. meet caterer 4:00 (head over earlier to get other things done) - C
  8. Pull reciepts and send to A - C
  9. Workout - Zumba (6:30)  - X
  10. Shower party (general) - C
  11. Pool (fun with the kids!) - C

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