Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 198: It is all in the details

I wrote my must do to do list night. I got everything on the list completed. I wasted time due to not being more detailed! For example: I had to drop stuff off at work and completely left a few things at home b/c they might not necessary been a priority today but would have saved me time in the long run if I thought it through.

Not writing down your to do's will always lead to forgetting or not completing something. Be sure to think through details when your life involves juggling multiple balls!

Good example this morning: I had to finalize an order for invitation for a party I am being paid to organize for a client. I have been working with my local Hallmark. I thought I would simply drop my son at school and head down the store. Problem...the store opened at 10:00. I was sitting in the front parking lot at 9:15. I did not want to drive back home and then come right back out. I had to get this done early. I did use the time to grab a breakfast smoothie with my daughter and sit outside for a bit. I really enjoyed that time! :) We had fun.

Just be sure to think things through. This includes grocery list!

Wed. To Do:

  1. Hallmark - Invites - C
  2. Pick up envelopes and drop to A - C
  3. Pick up from CC - C
  4. Drop at CFA - C
  5. Storage - C
  6. Workout - C
  7. CFA - F/u on reservations - C
  8. Facebook post - C
  9. Pick up E for playdate with J - C
  10. (Last minute addition) Drop envelopes with A - C
  11. (Last mintue addition) Pick up invites - C (Hallmark did a great job and got the print job done quickly!)

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