Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 196:

I have had  a work to do that I have been procrastinating. Before I even wrote my tdl today I busted it out! It's done!! Whoot! Whoot! Now to focus on the rest of the day.

To Do List:

Facebook postings
  • DYS - C
  • CFA - C
  • GFWJ
  • CES
  • St. B
Update TDL on blog - C
Update blog post
Write tomorrows TDL
What's for Dinner?
Workout: CLX Push
15 min. in Zone
Vitamin D supplement - C
Track WW points - C
Picnic with preschool - C
Volunteer Meeting
CFA ( 2hrs.)
·        Get out letters - C
·        Post DDDN - C
·        Print signs for TCOSV
·        Send bag stuffers for TCOSV
·        Send B Script - C
·        Send Delonte Script
·        Make calendar with deadlines
·        Have community board ready to go tomorrow.

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