Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Weekend: Organization


  1. Call A and head on over to work (could be all day so can't plan anything else)
It was all day - 9:30 - 4:30. I was hired by a woman to help organize her basement. She has bad knees and just wanted someone to come in and help be the legs of the process. I am not an "organizer" by trade (hence the FlyLady) BUT I can work! All she needed was someone to put in an honest day. There are so many opportunities out there ... JUST DO IT!


  1. Church - Missed church...slept him.
  2. Workout
  3. Monday TDL - C
Decided to skip the workout. I know that is so BAD!! BUT I was inspired by yesterdays work to get some stuff completed in my basement. I cleaned out under the stairs. This area in my house is where I store off season clothing. It needed to be organized so I could finally put away winter clothes and finally put away summer clothes. I am going to say running the steps, lifting boxes etc. are today's workout. This was a much needed to do. And now it is done! Whoot! whoot! I have two bags to go out the door for donation!

BTW - Found a ton of mouse poop under my stairs storage area!! GROSS!! All vacuumed up and clean now.

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