Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 205: To Do List Today

I did not get everything I needed to accomplish done yesterday. BUT...Good things happened!

First - How did I get sidetracked? It was the last day of school for my son and my daughter went to a  "schools out for summer" party. She is 4 - so I had to stay. It is fun to watch her have a blast with friends doing kid things like playing in water and on a swing set. I can't say no to that and I was there longer than I anticipated.

When I got home I felt horrible - I have been fighting a migraine. I had to take it easy. I just can't focus on to do list and work when I am trying to manage a major headache. I will give myself a break. With that said I did take care of items that were time sensative.

I got a call from a new client who is going to hire me to do their social media work!! yay!! That has been something I have been working to do - b/c it keeps me working from home and ups my income!!

Now I have three things to accomplish...I am finishing today...
from this comes my next To Do Lists.

1. Braindump update for party event. - C
2. CFA Braindump - C (still in progress)
3. Facebook braindump - next steps with NEW CLIENT!!! - C (now finalize in professional format)

(these three will guide the rest of the month)

Lastly - If time permits today (otherwise it goes on the Thursday TDL) I am going to do a general plan/schedule for summertime work/activity. I want to maximize the time between work and play with my kids now that school is out.

Have a good day!

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