Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 201-203 Over the weekend and Monday

I do not usually create a large tdl for the weekend. This weekend was no different. I had a few work items to take care of and then simply wanted spend time with family. Mission accomplished. Sunday, I met with a client (I am overseeing a private party for her) and created a brainstorm list of to do's in regards to prepping for the party. I have to sit down today and organize this massive list into an organized plan. That is a priority so nothing falls through the cracks.

Monday got underway with a meeting and then a migraine hit. Ugh. I did get a frog off my plate in the morning! I wasted time b/c I had planned to come home and write down the tdl after my morning meeting. Had I written my list the day before I would have not missed a few things that caused me time because I had to come home to grab.  Whereas I like writing my to do list in the morning - it works better for me if I write it at night so I can look at the day as a whole and list out "items" needed to accomplish certain tasks. And figure in where certain activities work best in the day.

I have got to write down today's tdl and stick to it! If I want to have all the fun and accomplish projects on needed to be accomplished by certain dates this next month it is imperative I am on the tdl!

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