Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 211: Just Write It Down

Monday was smooth sailing - because I rocked the To Do List and wrote it the night before. I knew it would be a busy day and it was. No stress! Part of keep the stress away is to front load as much as you can when time is available. I did! Tomorrow is another busy day - with a second day of an event. Feeling good! Loving the TDL!!
My tip: At the end of the day I just don't feel like writing my next days TDL. BUT...doing it...makes the next day so much smoother! Figure out what works for you.

UPDATE: It was a great day! Went smooth as silk! I printed the TDL posted below and added a couple items. Having them written down was KEY! It all got accomplished!
  1. Rise & Shine! - C
  2. Stop at CFA re: balloons and string - C
  3. Go to Wagners for materials (plates and butcher paper) - C
  4. Bank (take checks) - C
  5. Pick up munchkins - C
  6. Swim lessons (and payment) 11 - C
  7. Call CFA re: ODayCare - C
  8. Update RSVP's - C
  9. Purchase new roses for guest - C
  10. Event  - C
  11. Expense receipts from CFA - C

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