Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 204: Tuesday To Do List

Today I have one main goal and a few must do's! A lot of planning today will go a long way tomorrow and the rest of the month! I have an event I am planning for Saturday, July 9. Kids finish school this week, family will come into town, I want to hang at the pool and beach. To do it all...well planned project to do list is a must.

I have to admit one other thing falling through the cracks - I am not make goal list. I know this is hurting me. It is a weekly staple in Chalene Johnson's plan. I am going to restart the 30 day challenge. I have incorporated so much but think it is time for a refresher course.

Tuesday, TDL:

  1. Update party/pre-party tdl - C (still inprogress)
  2. Write any last tdl's for DDDN and schedule this week.
  3. Last day of school - early pickup - C
  4. Gabby's Party - C
  5. Follow up with Agnes on invite wording - C
  6. Send Agnes request for payment
  7. Schedule with B/Delonte for filming
  8. Send Agnes Omelet Guys' proposal
  9. Call Main Ingredient for cakes - C (work around for bday cake)
  10. Pick up from CC (show Lynda idea for DDDN printout) - C
  11. Facebook posting
    1. DYS - C
    2. CFA
    3. St. B
    4. CES - C

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