Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 1: The Start

I love New Years! Not because I like to go out and party. Frankly, I would rather be at home wearing comfy clothes, have a nice bottle of wine to share with my husband and watch a movie with my children. What I love about the New Year is the fresh start. Each year I make my list of resolutions only to brush them aside when life gets busy or simply don’t stay focused on what it is I hope to achieve.

I am going into this year with a different approach. I am going to have one main resolution, to make and refer (multiple times) to a TO DO LIST every day. I believe in doing so I will be able to finally achieve those other resolutions I vow to conquer each year. The 365 Day "TO DO LIST" Challenge!

I am not waiting until January 1 to begin.  It starts today!

As I see it I am going to need:
  • Monthly/Weekly To Do List (seldom/never changes)
  • Daily Life To Do List (detailed and always changing)
  • Daily Work To Do List (detailed/ongoing and always changing)
To Do List for Thursday, November 18
  • Clear off Command Central (my desk and it’s a mess!) – COMPLETE
  • Begin to outline my “secondary resolutions” I will achieve by keeping my TO DO LIST. - COMPLETE
  • Begin to outline what my Monthly/Weekly TO DO LIST will look like. - COMPLETE
  • Make TO DO LIST for Friday, November 19 - COMPLETE
Here I go! I will post daily my TO DO LIST with an update on what gets checked off! Now go write your TO DO LIST!!

Before Cleaning Command Central:

After Cleaning Command Central:

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