Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 13: Perfect Timing to Set Priorities

I just received in the mail and put on my TDL to listen to a motivational audio program by Chalene Johnson - part of her Car Smart Series.  The CD was all about the first step you make towards success. WOW! Talk about perfect timing.

It made me really think about why I started this blog and what I listed as my secondary resolutions - which all boil down to getting fit - financially, physically and within the home. Why? What is the priority driving these goals? The subject of the CD is just about that - listing the priorities in your life and when you are aware and have well defined priorities you can set achievable clear goals that work with your life.

Chalene Johnson shared her goals with the listeners. What I enjoyed hearing most is what she defines as her top priority - the same as mine - our husband and children.  Whereas I did not put this on paper (I will!) it certainly is the priority that led to my secondary resolutions. I know getting my finances, body and home in order and shape it will ultimately be great for my family. In doing these things I need to make sure the process is good for my top priority.

With all that said I had a long conversation with my sister this morning about a project I do every year.  Every year I say it is the last year I am going to do it.  At one point in my life I really needed this gig. I think it is time to cut the strings and move on. I know if I continue with this project - I will end up stressed out and will ultimately take it out on my family by being really irritable because I am miserable. My husband has often half joking/half serious said this thing is going to be the cause of a divorce! He is telling me it is not working! He is my priority! The conversation with my sister ended with me deciding to take on a piece of the project. That is until I listened to Chalene's CD today.

I have found other ways I can earn income (I am going to get fit and be a kick butt beachbody coach!) that will take the place of this and ultimately help me earn more in both actual dollars and from within.

Ugh!! Sigh of relief. I feel like I just lost 20 lbs. just by making that decision!!

BTW - Anyone interested in Chalene's Carsmarts  visit her website.

To Do List:
  1. Check on Wed. evening plans/possible work  - C
  2. Purchase tickets for Mount Vernon Tour - NC
  3. Work 3 hours. - C (got in 3.5) 
  4. Listen to new Chalene Johnson Car Smart CD - C
  5. Put away (2) loads of laundry. - C
  6. 15 min. paper declutter - C
  7. 15 min. work on budget - NC
  8. Bag stuff for Thursday pickup - NC
Always TD:
  1. What's for dinner? - C
  2. Refer to weekly calendar. AM/PM - C
  3. Put new apt. on the calendar C
  4. Clear Command Central (desk) - NC and it needs a good 20 minutes.
  5. Make Wed.TDL - C
  6. Any thank you notes to write? Y Two to Write!!

Scheduled Events:
  1. Meeting - C
  2. Lunch with friend  - C
  3. Dropoff/Pickup from School - C
  4. After school activity - C

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Anonymous said...

Great decision on eliminating that stressful project from your work load! Quality of life is so important and it is so easy to overlook.