Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 3: Secondary Resolutions

I have been working on my "Secondary Resolutions" - those things I will achieve simply by keeping a TDL. I am beginning to narrow down my SR.  My SR fall into three categories:

Health Home: Resolutions that have to do with achieving mind, body, and soul.

Financial Home: Resolutions having to do with a finances.

House Home: Resolutions having to do with a well organized and efficient home. House Home SR also include scheduling family fun!

I really want to take time in considering what it is I hope to achieve in these three areas. I am not ready to post. On to today's TDL. It's going to be busy!

TDL Saturday, November 20:
  1. Get family out the door for birthday party! - C
  2. Work on SR's - C
  3. Read 20 min. of Dave Ramsey Book The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness - C
  4. Change all sheets on beds.  - C
  5. Wash and put away the dirty sheets - C
  6. Plan groceries for the week. - C
  7. Pull coupons for those groceries. -C
  8. Grocery shop! - C
  9. Make dinner for neighbors. (they just had a baby!) -C
  10. Pack up giveaway clothes in basement. (both Ashley & Donations) - NC
  11. Put away keep summer clothes in basement. - NC
TDL TIP:  There is a great website  I plan on using this site quite a bit as I work on my House Home SR. You can simply schedule any of the participating nonprofits to come pick up your donation! That certainly takes something off the TDL!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the donor website! Alot of time I end up with a huge pile of stuff that sits for too long waiting to take to a donor site and/or the organizations don't call me pick ups at the right time!