Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 4: What Happens when all the TD's Don't Get Crossed off the TDL?

Today was a slow start. My Hubby was up sick all night and I am feeling tired and head-achy from the restless evening. Quiet time was the TD for today.  What happens when I don't finish a TD from my list? As happened yesterday. Three days into my challenge I did not complete 2 of my TD's.  Grocery shopping took much longer than I anticipated, and a few other unexpected things were added to the list.

Two big items not completed:

  1. Pack up giveaway clothes in basement.
  2. Put away summer clothes. - NC
Mind you these are two items I have been procrastinating! I can say honestly it was complete lack of time that kept me from completing these task on Saturday. In fact, only because of the TDL did I actually wash the dirty sheets and put them away. Early in the day before things got crazy I had already pulled off the sheets and put clean ones on. I could have easily dropped the dirty sheets in the laundry room (and I really wanted to) but seeing wash and put away the sheets made me feel accountable to complete it. I wanted to check it off the list! It may be silly...but it worked! Not only did I get all the sheets put away I got a second load that had been folded sitting in a laundry basket put away.

I will add the non-completed TD's to this weeks lists. It will get done.
To Do List: November 22, 2010

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