Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 5: To Tell or Not to Tell

I always have "ideas" of some business or project I am going to start/do. I guess it is that entrepreneurial spirit in my American blood. My husband started not believing I could or would achieve success with one of my ideas. Not because he does not think I have the brains to do it. He is my biggest cheerleader! Quite simply, I really have never proven to him that I would see any of my ideas through. He usually says "It's a great idea. You are smart enough to do it. I want to see you finish it. Finish something."  Again, I get all geared up only to stop when life gets busy, or other things become a priority whether they really are or not.

I thought about sharing with him my latest idea the "365 Day TDL Challenge" and telling him that I actually started a blog about it. After much thought I didn't and I won't for sometime. Rather I am going to wait and see if he notices a difference of what is getting accomplished. I am going to see if he notices my more fit body, cleaner home and my dedication to see that our finances are fit. I need him to be my partner on the finance deal. I am going to share what I think our goals as a couple should be regarding finance. We can't be financially fit if we don't work on it together. He has nothing to do with my physical fitness and how organized I keep the home! Let's see how long it takes him to notice the change in me!!

Today's TDL:
To Do List: Monday, November 23
Just for today:
  1. (1) load of laundry washed, fold and put away. (emphasis on the put away!) - C + 1 more b/c my daughter got into bed with us around 4 am and wet our bed!
  2. Continue reading The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. Almost finished! -C
  3. Work 3 hrs. - C
  4. Check checking act. on bills cleared. - C
  5. Find passcode to pay estimated taxes. - C
  6. Organize notes for blog. - C
Always To Do:
  1. What's for dinner? - C
  2. Refer to weekly calendar (am and pm). (am check = C & thank goodness I would have missed parent/teacher conference by 20 min.!) - C & PM Check = C
  3. Put new apt. on the calendar - C
  4. Make Tuesday's TDL - C
Scheduled Activities:

  1. Parent/Teacher Conference - C
  2. Drs. Apt. - C
  3. Pickup/Drop off at Preschool - C
  4. Church event - Making Advent Wreaths - C & it looks very pretty!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm convinced that making a TDL is the way to ensure that everything gets done! I think I will prefer taking pen to paper instead of using my phone/computer. I'll let you know how it works!

kelleefitz said...

I also enjoy lists and usually put them on paper and check them off but this is more for me at the office. At home, since it is only me, I'm fairly organized. There are some things that I probably procrastinate on so maybe trying a list at home would be helpful. I also enjoy putting the check mark next to completed items!