Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 78/79: The Menu

What's for Dinner? Ugh. Sometimes those words are like nails down a chalkboard!! It's not that I do not like cooking - sometimes I simply don't feel like doing it!

I have not been able to cut the grocery budget! I have not been laser focused either. I have been turning my attention towards work and other business ventures. With that said - It is one of my goals to cut this budget. I am spending an average of $900 a month. My original goal was to cut by 20%.

I am going to start smaller. My $900 budget needs to get cut by 10% this month.

Goal for February: $810 on grocery's.

I have to look beyond coupons.
Planning meals help?
If you have cut your budget send tips to

Saturday/Sunday, February 5 & 6
To Do List:

  1. Wrap Bday gift - C
  2. Birthday Party - Take J - C
  3. J play date at 1 - C
  4. Finish pulling all tax info and list any figures I need.
  5. Set deadline to make tax appointment
  6. Clean off Command Central
  7. Complete any task on TDL I did not get accomplished this week.
  8. Make Weekly TDL for (Feb. 6-12)
  9. Print off Zone 2 - The Kitchen (focus of the week)
  10. ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 2 - C & extra 30 minutes of cardio at the gym!
  11. Look for 2 new recipes for the week. - C
  12. Church - C
  13. Volunteer after Church - C

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