Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 90: The Danger of the Yoga Pant

I got a call from a good friend the other day. She stepped on the scale and could not believe her weight. I had to laugh because she told me she actually took the scale to a different room just to be sure the floor was level! I have been there! I am still working hard to drop lbs. but its happening! Gratefully all my pants fit better than ever and some are even going into the giveaway bin. Yes, I am not keeping ANYTHING too big.

As my friend and I continued to chat we discussed when the scale creeps up so high - you simply don't buy clothes. Or you buy  inexpensive clothes because "you are going to commit to losing weight next week." What the hell are you wearing when you can't fit in your clothes? Answer:  Yoga Pants (or some other variation of exercise pants that have the ability to expand with you!

I fell into this trap big time. I had two very comfy pair of yoga style pants I wore all the time. People must have been thinking - "does she own anything else?" Answer: "Yes, but it does not fit."  These pants allowed me to take the ostrich approach to facing I needed to get my butt in gear and work out.

This is a promise you have to make to yourself. Especially if you are a stay at home mom - its way easy to fall into this trap! You MUST and I mean MUST put on and wear your jeans or other fitted pants at least 5 times a week. If it means you put them on in the morning to go grocery shopping and then come home and take them off to get more comfy then do it. Your jeans won't lie. Your jeans won't expand with you. Your jean will keep you honest!

Thursday, February 17
To Do List:

  • ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 2 (back to working out! feeling better :)
  • Grocery store (the cupboards are empty) - C
  • Bank - C
  • Clean out mini-van/wash - C
  • Pick up checks - C
  • Plan upcoming CFA Projects and scheduled deadlines
  • Update f/b & twitter
    • DYS
    • St. B
    • GFWJ
    • CFA -C
  • Chalene Johnson - 30 Day Challenge - Video 2
  • Work on to do list (I need to sit down and focus on new items to be added to my list - specifically related to priorities.
  • Make lip balm with my daughter! - C
  • Update blog with TDL -C
  • Update blog with post - coming later today! - C

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