Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 91: Countdown on!

I am finishing up my next to last week of ChaLEAN Extreme! If I can get past this week of a horrible cold/chest thing and get my energy back I will be good to go.  I have Burn Intervals, Lean 3 and Burn it Off to complete. Then I hit my last week!

It has been a great 3 months. I am happier than ever my  pants fit. What is going to be next? I am starting the program over start to finish. This time I am starting off with strength and endurance. I will be unstoppable and just in time for bathing suit season!

If you are interested in beginning ChaLEAN Extreme - email me at I will email you details on the 90 Day Challenge beginning in March!!

Friday, February 18
To Do List:

  • ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn Intervals - (Moved to tomorrow. Feeling horrible. Had to take another rest day. I am hoping to find my energy tomorrow!)
  • Post TDL on blog - C
  • Post posting
  • Update facebook
    • DYS - C
    • ST. B - C
    • GFWJ - C
    • CFA - C
  • Write down thoughts re: DDDN - C
  • 30 min. on overall DYS fb strategy - C
  • 30 min. on bb business - review getting started info. - C
  • Watch Brendon Burchard Video - C
  • Look back over week - did anything not get accomplished - Get it done!

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