Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 82: The Magic of 15 Minutes

It is truly amazing at how much you can really get done in 15 minutes! So many times I have put something off or did not do it at all because I thought it would take up so much time. Since I starting writing my to do list I am so much more aware of how I spend my time and how long things really take. Honestly - something things don't take near as long as I anticipated because I have planned for them.

If I finish up something and find I have that 15 minutes before having to run out and get the kids from school I look at my to do list (I am always referring to it multiple times per day) to choose a to do that will take up that 15 minutes. Those extra 15 minutes you find in your day are great times to look at your weekly to do and get those those little things accomplished. Those little things really add up!

For example:
  • Write a thank you note.
  • Address and stamp your notes.
  • Do a 15 minutes cleaning on a room.
  • Start a project that you have been dreading..if you have to do it for 15 minutes it won't be as awful.
  • Write your to do list.
  • Update your calendar
  • Review calendar for the week ahead.
  • Read.
Having my list ensures these 15 minutes are never wasted. It gets your right on track and keeps you productive.

Wednesday, February, 9
To Do List:

  1. CFA
    1. call schools re: Valentines Day Cards - C
    2. pack up cards - C
    3. deliver cards - C
    4. pick up from crofton copy - C
    5. forward email for donation to Brian as a reminder - C
    6. send email re: DDDN reservations
    7. f/u with those who don't have reservations
    8. Order AHS SN Cards
    9. Email B AHS SN date - C
    10. Send Melissa and Jen SN dismissal times (move to tomorrow)
      1. Crofton Meadows
      2. Four Seasons
      3. Crofton Middle
      4. AHS
    11. Write text for Chenelle/AHS
  2. St. B.
    1. F/u on CFA Check - C
    2. Make AASF Ad - C
    3. Make GFWJ Ad - C
    4. f.u with Ashley re: ad - C
    5. f.u with Sean re: ad - C
  3. Make Thursday TDL - C
  4. Post TDL on blog - C
  5. Post blog posting - C
  6. Update f/b
    1. DYS- C
    2. CFA - C
    3. St. B - C
    4. GFWJ - C
  7. Renew PO Box - C
  8. Mail Patties CD - C
  9. Mail thank you notes
  10. Bill DYS and WU - C
  11. Schedule time to send VW sponsor package - C
  12. f.u on donation BOG's - send email
  13. ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 3 - C & 20 extra mintures of cardio

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