Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 98/99: Weekend is Here

The weekend is here!! I cannot believe the weekend is day 98 & 99! Monday is a very special day - officially 100 days of keeping my to do list. I am do not consider myself a pro - yet! Each day I get better at this and the next 100 days I am going to really focus on the maximizing the TDL so it is not a check off sheet but really pushed me to achieve the goals I have set out for myself.

I complete Chalene Johnson's 30 day challenge. I learned so much for that experience. I was ready to begin it again on Feb. 1 but did not put it on the to do list. So it got away from me. March will be a new start to do the challenge again with a bit more perspective of having been through this on my own and with her advice.

Weekend To Do List:

  1. Read friends book (a friend of mine wrote a book about his life experience. It is soooo interesting.) - C
  2. Spend time with family doing fun stuff. - C
  3. Project brain dump. I need to update my big to do list.
  4. Plan for my next 100 days! What is it going to look like?
  5. ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 2 - C

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