Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 85/86: The Weekend

Been a crazy couple days. The stomach bug has run through my family! Somehow I have been spared. Maybe its the Shakeology helping to keep my immune system up and digestive track in order!!
The to do list is small this weekend as I am taking care of kids! There will be lots to do this week!

Saturday & Sunday
February 12 & 13:
To Do List:

  • Disney Pricness on Ice - C (fun!)
  • ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean 1 - C
  • DDDN - pull the table clothes - MONDAY
  • Rest (the entire family has been sick wiht the stomach bug and I my chest feels tight from congestion - uhg!) - C and still in progress.
  • Laundry (Compelte and Put away) - C
  • Write Monday TDL - C
  • Review week must dos - C
  • Write 10 goals- C

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