Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 46: To Do List Today!

I did not get my post up. Big time headache hit and had to go to bed! :(

Sunday, January 2
To Do List:

  1. Chalean Extreme - Push 3 (ohhh! I am sore today! this is going to be tough!) - COMPLETE
  2. Party at Mom & Dads (Holiday celebrations still kicking!)- C
  3. Prep for return to school tomorrow.
    • Pull out the backpack and check folders. - C
    • Check writing assignment for Jan. - Cannot find the folder! Ugh!!
    • Find lunchbox - C
    • Do I have stuff to pack a lunch? - C
  4. Update blog post. (Posting my 30 Day Challenge assignment - once I complete it!) -
  5. Complete Chalean J. 30 Day Challenge Assignment
  6. Make a list of blog articles to write. (I had an idea for a subject series for the blog while laying in bed!) - C
  7. Empty 1 box in the laundry room. (old papers) - Moving to later this week.
  8. Write thank you notes.- NC (will do throughout the week.)
    • Linda
    • Mom and Dad
    • Dad
  9. Have the children write thank you notes. NC (will do throughout the week.)
    • Aunts and Uncles
  10. Make Monday's TDL
  11. Look at Calendar for the Week! - C
  12. Stop at Macy's to look for good sales! Hubby needs some new clothes. - C

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