Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 69: The Momentum

If you stick to your exercise and healthy eating plan you WILL see results. Believe me when I say this  - when you start to see those results and then others start to see and comment on your results the momentum builds and then you will begin eating even healthier and putting more effort into your workouts and might even just add an extra workout in your week!

Just do it.

Thursday, January 27
To Do List:

  1. Meeting at CFA (pending weather) - C
  2. Review Getting Started Guide - Beach body* -
  3. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Video* - C
  4. Complete Chalen Johnson 30 Day Challenge Assignment* - C
  5. Track WW - C
  6. Post on blog - C
  7. Post TDL on blog - C
  8. Post on DYS fb - C
  9. Post on Getting Fit with Joy Facebook Page - C
  10. Post on St.B fb
  11. Post on CFA fb - C
  12. Read CJ Blog Post - C

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