Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 60: Getting focused on the House - Flying with the Flylady

Part of me fights the Flylady plan to keep my house in order. I am letting go of thinking I should tweek her zone list to fit more of my needs and "just do it".  If I need to tweek that can come later.  This week according to the Flylady we are in Zone 3. I printed off her Zone 3 checkoff sheet and will mark on my Daily TDL to do something on the list each day or simply spend 15 minutes in the zone.

I will keep my eyes closed to those things I might want to do and just follow the plan.

You can check out the Flylady Zones Detailed Cleaning List Here

This really is a great resource for anyone who is busy and trying to keep their house up or someone (like me) that cleaning just does not come second nature.

Monday, January 17, 2011
To Do List:

  1. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge Video - C
  2. Complete 30 Day Challenge Assignment 
  3. DYS Work
    1. Update DYS fb - C
    2. Research old wives tales about boating. - C
    3. List 5-10 subjects good for DYS fb post. - C
    4. Begin writing email to introduce facebook page
  4. Email J's teacher
  5. Write about the author for J's project
  6. Email Katie
  7. Send out 10-20 letters for St. B
  8. Pick up application at J's school for next year - C
  9. Give J a copy of VW bill - C
  10. Pay bills:
    1. Macys - C
    2. USAA - C
    3. Mortgage - C
    4. V.W. - C
    5. Verizon - C
    6. BGE - C
  11. Work out!! ChaLEAN Extreme Burn it Off & Recharge - C
  12. List for J's bday party - what do I need to purchase?
    1. Food
    2. Goody bag stuff - C
  13. Put goody bags together (good activity for the kids to do!) - C
  14. CFA
    1. f/u on donation requests with B
    2. Order SN cards for AHS
    3. Create promo sheet for AHS
    4. Work on text to send to AHS for Breakfast promo/exam week - C
    5. Send to Melissa and Brian - C
    6. Work on marketing plan
    7. Send B CNS SN $130.64
  15. What is this weeks Flylady Zone? Print off sheet. - C
  16. Do something on the Flylady Zone List or Spend 15 min. in the Zone - C
  17. Take toothless pic of son! :) - C
  18. Make a list of what I need to get together for taxes - NC (Should be on the weekly.)
  19. Blog - Post TDL - C
  20. Blog - Post post - C
  21. Download "flyer" style  -C
  22. To Purchase: (things I am most likely to forget!)
    1. Goodybag stuff @ Dollar store. - C
    2. Sponges - C
    3. Add'tl bag of Shakeology - *Priority on Tuesday!!

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