Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 53: Working the To Do List

I looked at my quarterly to do list to pull things for my weekly to do list last evening. Of course I sat down after the children went to bed (kids in bed = my trigger to write my TDL!) to write my Monday to do list. I like and am incorporating all of the tips Chalene is sharing but one I especially think is of value to me being more productive is combining my personal TDL with my work TDL. I use to keep them separate.  This I know will actually keep me more productive. I only have to look at one list!

I work from home so I need to be able to look at a list and easily choose a TO DO that I might be able to squeeze in before running out the door to pick up the children at school or choosing an item that might take more time because I have a block of uninterrupted time.

I have so many projects going on - doing a big TDL brain dump on the quarterly list really helped clear my mind. I kind of view like cleaning out a drawer full of clothes that don't fit so you can neatly put in order your clothes that do!

Monday, January 10, 2011
To Do List:

Push Goals:
  • Make my TDL for 365 Days
  • Work towards goal to make 1k average per week at home business.
  • Work on getting beachbody bus. up and running.

  1. Doctors apt. - C
  2. CFA - F/u with Quality Printers - C
  3. CFA - put out signs for SN - C
  4. Plan for Tues. Marketing meeting - C
  5. Work on CFA Marketing plan
  6. Update St. B f/b page - C
  7. Update CFA f/b page 2x - C
  8. Update blog with TDL - C
  9. Update blog with post - C
  10. Do 1 think off Flylady Zone 3 - List
  11. f/u up on St. B email  - C
  12. Make a list of 5-10 companies to target for St. B - C
  13. f/u with Jill - C
  14. ChaLEAN Extreme - Burn It Off - COMPLETE!!!
  15. Order any SN cards needed  for CFA
  16. Write thank you note to Agnes, Mom & Brian/Pam
  17. Buy posterboard - C
  18. CFA - order bag stuffers - C
  19. CFA - post DDDN event - C
  20. CFA - schedule email to promote DDDN & f/b - C
  21. Write the DDDN email and f.b post
  22. CFA - Schedule email to promote B4D - C
  23. CFA - write B4D email and f/b post
  24. Watch Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge - C
  25. Do the 30 Day assignment - C and continuing thru-out the day.
  26. Pay dental bill.
  27. Decide on WW time
  28. Brainstorm 5-10 names for personal beachbody coach page - C
  29. Check webpage availability - C
  30. Run names by hubby - C
  31. Make a decision on the name! - C
  32. Call V. Wireless
  33. f/u on Kim's email - C
  34. Call Dr. - C
Added b/c I felt motivated!!
  1. set up facebook page for Beachbody!
  2. Added my online store to the page!

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